Oak Leasing, A new credit LineWHO USES LEASING?

Every one of the Top 100 UK companies use leasing or asset finance  as a means to acquire  its office and other equipment. Most Local Authorities use leasing as well as Health Authorities. As well as the Blue Chip Plc's and councils, most SMEs and small business's use leasing and asset finance.

And even all of the major accountancy firms use leasing. They know when they see a good thing !

Why choose leasing?.

  • The banks cutting back on lending has affected thousands of SME's and small business's as banks will either reduce the overdraft limits or impose different terms on their lending . These SME's will still have to acquire their new equipment, and leasing will give them a new credit line that once agreed and started, the terms cannot be changed in any way, which includes the monthly or quarterly repayments


  • Leasing does not affect existing banking overdrafts or other credit or HP lines. With credit being restricted, leasing will be the main way for business to overcome the  credit crunch and acquire new equipment.


  • Leasing conserves valuable working capital for more profitable use elsewhere in your business.


  • Leasing is fully tax allowable. Please note that leasing is tax allowable only against profits made in each year. Always consult your professional advisor for financial advice.


  • Assists accurate budgeting and forecasting, as lease is tailored made for your requirements. As leasing is a fixed cost, and inflation rises, the real cost to you will decrease. 


  • Upgrade equipment at any time during the lease, so you will always have the option of the latest technology. 


  • Everybody's reason can be slightly different, but the basis is always the same; spreading the cost over the life of the equipment and making the transaction tax efficient. 

No one pays their staff 3 years salary in advance, why should you pay for your equipment 3 or 5 years in advance, before it has started to contribute profit to your business. For many, leasing just makes common sense


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