Education and School Operating Leasing.

Oak Leasing, together with its specialist associate company, Premier Leasing, have a fully complaint operating leasing rental.

In recent years, most leasing companies have moved away from operating leasing for schools and other education establishments, as they were unable to provide a fully compliant residual based operating lease.

There is a huge demand for operating leasing within the educational sector, but recent legislation dictates that schools can no longer sign a finance lease. In simple terms, an operating lease enables the School or Academy to treat the rentaHelping schools grow, Oakleasels as a revenue expense as opposed to a capital expense. To comply with regulations, the funder ( Head lessor ) has to take a residual interest ( RV ) in the equipment finance and this is applied as a discount within the rate.

As most education LEA's are experencing tightening financial budgets, our operating leasing solution will enable you to acquire the equipment that you need, overcoming many budgetry restrictions.

The equipment that  we can arrange an operating lease for you is not limited to IT, hardware or software, but includes lockers, CCTV, and whiteboards. In fact almost anything that your school or academy requires.


Oak Leasing have been offering  fully compliant education and school operating leasing solutions for over 24 years. With continuing financial pressure, and a lack of budget can hamper and restrict  a schools acquisition of much needed equipment. In this present tough financial climate, when education budgets are being very closely monitored and even cut, at least you can check to see if you have real value for money.

Choosing the equipment for a school or an academy is often the easy part, the missing piece is normally finding the correct funding or budget for the equipment. Oak are fully aware all LEA schools now require an education operating leasing solution to fully comply with the current financial regulations. 

Our education and school  equipment  leasing packages are totally flexible.  We can offer offer education and school equipment leasing solutions that include upgrades of hardware and software at any time during the lease period. This includes all peripherals, cabling, and installation. This saves you money and administrative time.

  • We can arrange  fully compliant operating leases. Most schools have to use the operating lease route to comply with the local authority regulations.
  • All it takes is one phone call or email to us, and Oak will handle all the documentationFully compliant Education & School Leasing from Oak Leasing and liaise with your suppliers for a one stop service.
  • Oak can lease all types of equipment from I.T. ( including software, and installation) to Gym Equipment ,School Lockers, Office Equipment and CCTV.
  • All of our education and school  equipment leases allow for technology upgrades, to ensure that you are never left behind with obsolete equipment.
  • You can have more than one supplier on any lease, giving you the flexibility to finance an entire refurbishment  package with one simple lease document and one monthly or quarterly payment.
  • If you have purchased  equipment over the last few years, we can even arrange a  sale and leaseback solution to your school, freeing up valuable capital for you to plough back into other projects. The sale and lease back documentation is very simple and can be used for any equipment.  Just another innovative string to our school and education leasing package.
  • You can either pay by direct debit or invoice,   payment profiles can be monthly, quarterly or semi annually or even annually, the choice is yours.

Education & School Leasing from Oak Leasing
There are now over five million computers in the education & school sector, 50% more than 5 years ago. The high demand for ICT among schools and colleges and Universities, coupled with Government action to promote IT in education had fueled this increase in  school and education leasing solutions.

With ever tightening budgets, leasing your IT equipment can make a big difference for  schools and universities. Oak helped a LEA school who required 30 new laptops for their children.  School and education equipment  leasing is a proven budget stretcher for the  increasing equipment demands of a growing and demanding education sector.