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Oak Leasing are the farm & farming equipment finance & leasing specialists. We have been arranging farm & farming equipment finance & leasing for agricultural & farming equipment since the day we opened over twenty four years ago. We will even lease livestock !    

As with all businesses in the present financial climate,Oak Leasing, The farming equipment finance specialists especially with farms and farmers,cash flow is the crucial factor. But farmers also have to cope with the actual climate of wind, rain, and sun, and this winter was one of the harshest we have had for a long while. So with the financial and weather climate being at best hard, farmers are having to try to control both of these elements and also run the farm efficiently. 

To check current prices on cereals, milk and livestock simply click here to go to the Defra website, or go to the leasing links page.

However by using farming equipment finance & leasing, farmers, who  now have more working capital tied up in growing crops or producing livestock than ever before, farming equipment finance gives you the  equipment that you require for the profitable running of your farm now, and spreads the farming equipment finance & leasing repayments over a period to suit your current financial circumstances. Leaving your other banking and credit lines free for the day to day running of the farm.

By utilising farming equipment finance in your business, there are no unforseen payments as all the lease or finance  payments are fixed and are of course fully tax allowable. This is unlike many factors in farming where recently there was an unexpected 150% rise in fertiliser prices. This peace of mind helps with your forward budgeting.

Renewables equipment leasing and low carbon equipment leasing is one of the fastest growing Oak Leasing, The farming equipment finance specialistssegments in the European farming market in 2010. For so long, it has lagged behind other market sectors, but now financial pressure of rising fuel costs, and market demands for a greener and low carbon  economy are forcing farmers to look at renewable and sustainable energy sources, and the leasing of such equipment.

The UK has signed up to the EU Renewable Energy Directive, which includes a UK target of 15% of energy from renewables by 2020, most of this target will be met by FiT. FiT  or  Feed in Tariffs is a scheme where any unused energy generated by any low carbon or renewables equipment, can be sold back to the National Grid at an agreed rate, which is guaranteed for a period of 25 years. In simple terms, renewable energy for the first time can be looked on as a cash generator. This must be good news to farmers who have either available land or could use their farm building to source solar power.

You can lease almost every kind of agricultural, equestrian or horticultural  equipment , new or used, or any other asset you need financing; and if we have missed out something that you require. Please remember that we can arrange both finance & leasing for both cattle & sheep, just give us a call and our farming specialists will be there to help you.

       Farming equipment finance & leasing can be used for:-                                         Oak Leasing, The farming equipment finance specialists
  • Harvesters
  • Tractors
  • Grain storage bins,
  • Feed hoppers,
  • Fertilizer tanks
  • Milking parlours.
  • 4X4 's
  • Quad Bikes
  • Materials Handling Equipment 
  • Equestrian vehicles 
  • Horse boxes & stables 
  • Wind Turbines & renewables
  • Solar Panels 
  • Livestock 

For  Nurseries, Garden Centres, Stables and  Horticultural businesses, we can offer the same service to help you expand and manage your cash flow. Although your equipment  could well be different, for instance you might require a new IT system or a 4X4, or even growing tunnels. What ever you require, Oak Leasing's farming  equipment finance & leasing will be here to help you acquire the equipment you need.

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Oak Leasing, providing answers in today's challenging  financial climate.



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