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 Oak Leasing has been providing laundry equipment leasing solutions for  for over 24 years. By using laundry equipment leasing, you acquire the equipment you need now and you can spread the cost over the period of  the years.

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At Oak Leasing we understand the importance of working capital and cash flow for a new or existing business. If you are planning a new purchase or a major expansion of your existing laundry equipment, we can help you.To see the lease rental, use our quick quote

Commercial laundry equipment leasing is ideal for  both established laundry service businesses who need to update their laundry equipment, and those who wish to start a new laundry business. Commercial laundry equipment leasing preserves valuable working capital while obtaining needed laundry equipment.  A great benefit to leasing your commercial laundry equipment, is that you are protected from obsolescence, as you can update your laundry equipment at any time through the period of the lease. This will help you maintain the quality of your laundry washes.

The benefits of leasing

  • Commercial laundry equipment leasing conserves working capital by not having to pay cash up front, the cost is spread to cover the working life of the equipment so you get the benefit of immediate usage of the equipment without the capital outlay.

New credit line

  • With banks reducing the amount of loans, and overdrafts being reduced or taken away, leasing is a valuable new credit line to help you obtain the laundry equipment that you require, and overcome the credit crunch

Tax allowable

  • The total cost of the commercial laundry equipment leasing rentals are fully tax allowable. Furthermore, rentals do not rise with inflation or interest rates. See Cash V Lease

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"Most of the equipment finance and equipment leasing companies will fund only the established businesses. But Oak Leasing help even the start ups since they understand the difficulties that the start ups and business face."

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