Shipping Leasing & Marine Finance.

Shipping Leasing and marine finance are one of Oak Leasing's specialities in  Europe. In this rapidly changing  global financial market, it is essential to use the expert shipping leasing knowledge that we have, to arrange and fund the leasing of ships.     

The global industry of shipping leasing  and marine finance is greatly affected by today's ever changing economic climate. In some sectors like tankers, time-charter revenues are down, but on the other hand, dry bulk are seeing a slow and gradual improvement. Furthermore, often financial, technical, and complicated issues surrounding shipping leasing, as well as the shake up of the economy, can make shipping leasing and ship leasing very difficult.Shipping Leasing & Marine Finance from Oak Leasing

With our partners, we have years of experience in arranging debt finance for marine assets.  Whatever your ship finance requires, we have the expertise to complete either the ship leasing or  construct the total debt finance for your marine asset or ship.

With the current financial uncertainity in parts of the Eurozone, shipping companies are now finding that their previous financial sources are not   available, or the underwriting policy has been changed and their  terms are difficult to comply with in an economic way.  With the correct leasing and  finance structure, we are  able to tailor make a  shipping leasing and ship leasing and finance package for your specific needs.

It is not just ships that we lease, we have been chosen by the Norwegian company Navigator Office, who supply the crucial computer software for the oil & drilling industry, as well for vessels and yards. Shipping containers are also assets that we can arrange leasing and finance.

With Oak's experience and specific knowledge of the shipping and maritime market, we know we have the leasing solution for your shipping leasing requirements. Whatever the ship that you need, be it offshore, coasters, crane ships or even  for river ships  and tugs we have the ship  leasing solution for you.

To contact our shipping leasing desk,  just press here for a prompt professional response

Scheeps Lease  Shipping Leasing from Oak

Whatever your shipping leasing or marine finance requirement may be, Just give Oak a call.


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