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Oak Leasing has been arranging vending equipment leasing for over 24 years. As with all types of equipment at the moment, vending equipment leasing is also being effected by the  credit crunch . Unlike some equipment leasing companies, who are either moving away from vending equipment leasing, or as a major funder has just announced, closing thier operation in the UK entirely. Oak is actively  underwriting all kinds of vending equipment, for both new start business, and established  businesses. No matter if it is a coffee machine for a small office,or a large can vendor for a large plc company, Oak will arrange your vending equipment  leasing . Vending equipment leasing from Oak Leasing

Unlike some equipment leasing companies, we  do not believe in flow charts or head office memos to determine to whom, and what  we lease.  So what does this mean to you? quite simply, we can accept more of you business. Even the quick quote rate calculator has a new start business's option.

  • The customer is expecting a large cash price, by giving a monthly or quarterly leasing figure  helps to  minimise the price of the vending equipment.
  • A customer will rarely tell you why they need leasing.  But unless you give them the option of vending equipment leasing, especially in the credit crunch, you could well lose the sale.
  • Remember, equipment leasing is highly  tax efficient, and is often used by companies that could afford to pay cash for your equipment many times over for this reason.


You would never fail to present your vending equipment other than in its best light. So why don't suppliers and manufacturers have a leasing page on their website? With the inclusion of such a page within your website, it would fully promote the availability of  vending equipment leasing. After all, we both know that leasing  is the catalyst for ensuring that closed deal, and successful profit margin!

In this present financial climate, customers will simply assume that the supplier does not offer a lease solution, and go to someone that does. Unless you clearly state on day one that vending equipment leasing is available, and that your website also reinforces this fact, the risk of losing the deal is higher now than ever before to someone that has a leasing website page.

Oak Leasing will help to provide you with working and proven  solutions for your vending equipment leasing.

Oak Leasing, providing answers in today's challenging  financial climate.


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