Kicking the can down the Road!

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Posted on June 06, 2018 | , , ,

Something we learnt at school

You can only kick a can down the road so far before you have to make a decision. Something we learnt at school, you could always put off revising for an exam for so long before having to cram in your revision.

Yet, looking at leaders both-in the UK and Europe, they seem to think you can keeping kicking a can almost forever. Then they discover, they are mortal, and have to make a decision, which is a great deal harder with all the can kicking, than if they had made the decision earlier.

Let us take a quick glimpse at Europe

They all looked with a “ Nelson eye” at Italy’s difficulties hoping that it would not be a problem on their watch! Merkel, has discovered that she is far from impregnable, and is desperately looking for another autobahn to kick her particular can down.

Other countries are taking their own routes with their problems. Brussels should have been sorting out all of these cans years ago, but thought they knew best, as the well known phrase” error coco” seems to fit.

Let’s not think it is just a EU problem, we have wasted over two years discussing, a hard or a soft Brexit, as if it was a boiled egg! Talk about can kicking! We know when the road ends, and still they kick!

Business need certainty, they thrive on clarity, they expand and invest on both. However, on both sides of the coin, the EU and the UK know that they will eventually stumble into an agreement, and the world will still require goods and imports from both sides.

That leaves opportunities for exporters and manufacturers to exploit. At the moment, rates are at a record low, and there are hints now of an increase in late Summer.

Leasing is fixed at the date of signing, so if as expected rates will slowly increase, you can benefit now from the record low rates. Oak Leasing offer fixed term contracts, they end when they say they will, no minimum term contracts. Also no annual or anniversary fees with Oak. Just straight Leasing contracts, what a refreshing change.


Many manufacturers and customers are fully aware that they perhaps require new equipment, that is more cost effective, cheaper to run, and more profitable over the longer term.

The choice Oak gives you is simple , you can either carry on kicking the can down the road, and postpone your decision, being fully aware that at some time a final decision has to be made, or learn from what is happening in the world around, the can will the morph itself into a far larger problem, possibly effecting your production line , your hotel or restaurant smooth running, or your IT cannot cope with the latest updates.

Oak are very efficient at removing cans from roads, both in the UK, and in Europe. For a straight talking experienced UK and European Leasing company, just give us a call or complete the contact form here.

Enjoy the Summer!