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We are approved to be able to offer through our funding partners  a CBILS  finance facility. 


CBILS  or the  Coronavirus Business Interruption  Loan Scheme  is a government-backed scheme provided by the British Business Bank .


This is to support the continuing provision of finance and leasing to UK businesses.


To meet the British Business Bank’s CBILS finance criteria, your business should:

      • UK-based company
      • Have an annual turnover of no more than £45 million
      • Have a borrowing proposal which the lender would consider viable, were it not for the current pandemic
      • Self-certify that you have been adversely impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

CBILS Application Form, Oak Leasing

Please use our Dedicated CBILS  finance contact form to help you move forward.


Why Choose a CBILS Facility?


No personal guarantees for amounts under £250,000


The UK government will pay interest for the first 12 months of the agreement.


Use our experience to help you!


In the present climate of uncertainty, it is crucial that you can access over 40 years of equipment leasing experience.  Our customers say we are approachable, friendly,  and knowledgeable, and this is what is required in our present circumstances that we all find ourselves .


We all find ourselves in new circumstances at the moment.


It is very easy to say it will be all ok, but reality kicks in and you cannot help but wonder in the middle of the night what to do. To help, I would recommend that you speak to your existing funders, and explain the situation that you are in, and ask how they can help your business. Many will offer either a reduced payment plan or possibly a payment holiday until you are back on your feet.

Together, we need to focus on coming through this, and emerge stronger. If we can help, please use the  dedicated CBILS finance contact form.

The words of Nelson Mandela come to mind, “Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again”



Oak Leasing, for the lowest leasing rates


Most funders say click here for a quote, but it simply leads to a contact form. We are totally open. Both calculators are on site for you to compare. We have nothing to hide!

We believe we have the one of the lowest leasing rates, so if you have been quoted by a supplier, or would simply wish to confirm if you have a reasonable rate, please just use our checker. A simply difference of  70p per thousand would save you over a typical five year term £1755. Not to be sniffed at!


Asset refinance

Equipment refinance specialists Oak leasing, release capital tied up in your assets.

Companies normally overlook that they are sitting on large amounts of equity left in their equipment that they own, or even on finance or HP. If you have equipment, even if it is already on finance, give us a call and free up working capital with our asset refinance plan.

With bank’s becoming ever more reluctant to increase overdrafts or  increase loan arrangements, companies are searching for ways to release cash that is currently tied up in their assets, such as vehicles and machinery

Deals will not be without its challenges


As asset inspections cannot be done in person, we can accept video footage from a customer  as long as we are given access to  to confirm locations.

Just working smart to help you!


Payment Options Matter

Oak Leasing, 28 years finance experience

Customers, large or small will expect their suppliers to offer a payment option.  Does your supplier  expect that you have a money tree in your garden or car park?    Capex budgets are tight, and will tighten, similarly local funding with your bank or existing finance house might be either at capacity, or close to capacity.

 Most UK  funders are unable to cross borders. Oak has the ability to step in and arrange alternate funding. Furthermore, this is done efficiently, discreetly, and professionally throughout the UK as well as Europe.

Come rain or shine, whatever the weather, Oak could be your money tree in both the UK as well as 26 European countries! Join us and the thousands of Oak’s customers, from new starts to PLC’s


Why use Equipment Leasing?

What are the benefits of Equipment Leasing? Oak Leasing


I think it is self explanatory, there say a picture paints a thousand words!  Just click on the picture, and you will find a ” Janet & John”  version of what are the benefits of equipment leasing?


28 years ago, we were starting out!


Oak Leasing, The experienced Equipment Leasing Specialists
” Most of the equipment finance and equipment leasing companies will fund only the established businesses. But Oak Leasing help even the start ups since they understand the difficulties that the start ups and business face. “Business Finance in the UK Magazine


Starting a new business has never been easier, but the same old challenges still exist. The first step will always be the hardest, we will help you make those first crucial steps, and support you all of the way to growing your business. Many of our customers have stayed with us for over twenty six years, and have helped their businesses flourish, so we must be doing something right! We are very good at getting square pegs into round holes!

At Oak, we recognise that it’s your big shot. After all, 28 years ago, we started Oak, as a result we know what you are experiencing. Let us support you in growing your company.  There are big decisions for you to make, and choosing a supportive, transparent, experienced, jargon free equipment leasing partner is one of them.

Using Oak, we’ll get you there.



Friendly expertise

Oak Leasing, thinking outside the box

What we don’t do is “off the peg”. However, we are very good at getting square pegs into round holes! We are just the same as you, normal, down to earth, jargon free, and friendly.

We firmly believe that equipment leasing companies have become far too complicated for normal people, with far too many hoops to jump through.

If you wanted to be an acrobat, you would have joined the circus! Furthermore, face to face is best, consequently, we can arrange for either a Skype or FaceTime call.

We use our equipment  leasing knowledge and expertise to tailor-make your leasing proposal. This extends to both the UK as well as Europe, giving you clarity, confidence and certainty.

Furthermore, in the last year  we arranged leasing for specialist underwater equipment in the North Sea, Aviation fuel tankers, also GSE equipment for airports, Robot production lines, a factory in Slovakia, 3G football pitch for a well known professional club, Renewable energy wind farms, Coffee shops in Wales, Gin Stills in Scotland, Colour spectrometer equipment in Austria, and almost everything in between.

We have certainly seen it, done it, and have a very large collection of teeshirts!


Unbeatable European CoverageEuropean equipment leasing specialists, Oak Leasing

  • With Brexit settled, an experienced European equipment leasing partner is crucial
  • Local offices in 26 European countries
  • Local documentation in local language E signature documentation ensuring our service is fast, simple and personal
  • Local support in each country
  • Local sales training if you are a European vendor supplier.

Oak are not limited by size, country, market sector or type of equipment, we offer a simple one stop shop for all European equipment leasing for both suppliers and customers . If you are looking for a “joined up” European vendor leasing solution, or a UK based company selling into Europe, or an European company selling to either the UK or Europe, we have the proven expertise to help.

Multi currency transactions, import arrangements, relocation documentation, presents us with no problems, we do not have to reinvent the wheel every time, we simply change the tyre to suit your individual requirements. 

If you are looking for a positive,  experienced European equipment leasing partner, you have found one!


Can’t see the wood from the trees?

Check out our 5 star ratings !


Our customer, Kin & Ilk, were opening a succession of new coffee houses in the centre of Cardiff. The customer was a new start business, and was looking for a complete fit out from an empty shells in all three outlets, including coffee machines, furniture, epos, air conditioning etc.

A picture paints a thousand words, but I think that words paint a far better picture!  David, the M.D of Kin & Ilk says….

“We are a group of local Café Bars in Cardiff. We opened our Capital Quarter store in December  and our Pontcanna store in May . We approached John Barter of Oak Leasing to help with the funding of equipment for both stores”

Equipment Leasing Specialists, Oak Leasing “Oak were superb getting the best deals, from the right people and in very tight turn round times”

“They proved to be a one stop shop for our needs visiting and arranging documentation, dealing with our equipment suppliers and concluding all arrangements. The process was quick, efficient and trouble free”

Equipment Leasing Specialists, Oak Leasing “When we have any  additional leasing requirements, we will call only Oak”

Equipment Leasing Specialists, Oak Leasing“We have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for financial business support”

Equipment Leasing Specialists, Oak Leasing ” I have had the pleasure of dealing with Oak Leasing for the last 15 Years on three different projects.They have always delivered and found them to be very professional. I would never hesitate to recommend them.    Looking forward to work with them again on a new project soon”.   

Equipment Leasing Specialists, Oak Leasing” I  always recommend Oak Leasing to anyone searching for equipment finance”

Equipment Leasing Specialists, Oak Leasing “We are a start-up company and the Oak Leasing has been incredibly helpful from the beginning. Once provided with a list of the equipment we required, the process has been smooth. At each stage we have been informed and updated on the progress”

Equipment Leasing Specialists, Oak Leasing “The paperwork was reduced to a minimum and contract written in plain English. Great service, no hidden costs, the whole process straightforward and transparent. I would recommend the Oak Leasing wholeheartedly. And special thanks to John Barter, who was in charge of our contract from the beginning to the end.

Equipment Leasing Specialists, Oak Leasing“We approached John Barter of Oak Leasing to help with the funding of equipment for both stores. Oak were superb getting the best deals, from the right people and in very tight turn round times”

Equipment Leasing Specialists, Oak Leasing“They proved to be a one stop shop for our needs visiting and arranging documentation, dealing with our equipment suppliers and concluding all arrangements. The process was quick, efficient and trouble free”


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