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Oak Leasing has provided equipment leasing and equipment finance for the last 25 years, and has always been different, and have stood out from the crowd.  

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To celebrate this anniversary, we believe we have some of the most competitive equipment leasing and equipment finance rates available in the UK  

New start business, no problem.

First thing in the morning , most people will have a coffee to help kick start the brain to face the day ahead, leasing can and does help kick start new business to open their doors for the first time.

The key is both leasing and coffee can be personalised to individual Equipment leasing and equipment finance specialists, Oak Leasing tastes and businesses. Whatever the equipment, whatever the taste, leasing will help you reach the next stage,

If you are a start-up, it can help you acquire the equipment you need to start, or as an established company, help you seize other business opportunities, for growth to complete a new order, or to grow your business in other ways.

We are the only equipment leasing and equipment finance brokers that are very active in Europe, as well as the UK . We are just real people, in the real world, just like yourselves.

We stand out from the crowd as you will discover that our rate calculator has some of the best equipment leasing rates available, we stand out from the crowd as we are one of the leading equipment leasing companies for new start business.

In this post Brexit world, you need experience and knowledge We know that your business is different from the next, that is why, we are not afraid to be different.Stand out from the crowd, Oak Leasing, the equipment leasing and equipment finance specialists.

We keep it straight, keep it simple.Transparency is something that makes us stand out in a crowd.

Why chose equipment Leasing?

A new credit line, not affecting bank overdrafts

Keeps your working capital for day to day requirements and needs.

Spreads the cost of the equipment over the life of the equipment.

Tax allowable.

No one pays their staff three years in advance, why should you pay for your equipment three years in advance?

What equipment can you Lease?

Well almost anything, in the last few months we have arranged leasing for large underwater equipment in the North Sea, GSE equipment for airports,both in the UK as well as Europe, coffee shops in Wales, Large IT projects in London, farm equipment in Scotland, as well as 3D printers and numerous catering and retail outlets. Even a  brand new factory in Slovakia ! And that is just scratching the surface!

Equipment leasing and business equipment finance has changed greatly, we are all aware that sometimes equipment finance or equipment leasing is the last piece of the jigsaw.

For the last 25 years,we have specialised in helping both new companies and  more established companies have access to the equipment leasing and equipment finance that they initially needed to start their business,and also to expand and grow their their business, both in the UK as well as Europe.

We all enjoy saving our money, that is why we use comparison sites, for the best deals for our utilities, car and house insurance, now you have the option of using our equipment lease rate checker, to see if your present lease rate could be better and lower. See how much you could save now.

Oak Leasing , Making things happen

" Most of the equipment finance and equipment leasing companies will fund only the established businesses. But Oak Leasing help even the start ups since they understand the difficulties that the start ups and business face. "

Business Finance in the UK Magazine

European Leasing covered as well.

As the leading european equipment leasing broker, as confirmed by a recent survey published by Asset Finance International, we see that it is crucial for companies  not to miss out on the european leasing market. Europe is a market that we can help you conquer, we have the expertise, you have the products, now lets talk and put a european leasing  and european finance programme together.

Amdac Carmichael , one of the worlds leading manufacturers of Airport Fire Tenders  have chosen Oak as its equipment leasing partner for both the UK as well as Europe.

So if you are in the UK or Europe, you know we have the equipment leasing experience to help both customers and suppliers. That is an example of Oak thinking outside the box.

New starts business's welcome.

Oak remembers that out of small acorns, we grew our then fledgling business. We have as the saying goes, been there, done that and have the tee shirt!  We have never forgotten how hard it was to start up a new business over 24 years ago. That is why Business Finance in the UK said those comments above.

Even some of the leading peer to peer lenders cannot match Oak, as one of their main lending criteria is 2 years of filed accounts. In reality that rules out any business who has been trading for under 2 and a half years! Not much of a help to a new start is it?

"Really impressed with the service, you have been excellent, would not hesitate to refer you to other businesses" Steve Ives, owner of Play Sport

We are also able to offer equipment refinance , asset refinance, sale & lease back & refinance leasing. Whatever you are looking for, in either equipment leasing  or business finance, we have both the experience and knowledge to help you.

"Finally a site I agree with. I have read some real rubbish today, so its a treat to read something useful "

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We always think outside the box


Oak Leasing, the equipment leasing specialists

"Over the years we have known your company it has been a real pleasure to do business with you. We look forward to the future together."

Ken Linton


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"I have dealt with many leasing companies in the past but have used Oak Leasing for a number of years now. The manner in which they go about their business is efficient, friendly and importantly very helpful and supportive.

Over the years they have provided my clients with excellent rates with fast easy to understand instructions. These are just some of the reasons why I pick up the phone to them for anything to do with equipment leasing"

John Morrison M.D Ace of Herts