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Equipment Leasing Specialists

We all find ourselves in new circumstances at the moment.


With inflation being “ hard-wired” into all capital expenditure, it has never been a better time to use equipment leasing.


 Why you may ask?


Very simple, a lease is a fixed priced contract, so no matter how high inflation and other costs rise, you always know that the lease cost will remain the same throughout the period of the lease. 


Oak has been helping their customers  for over 30 years, we have navigated  economic headwinds, weathered four recessions, and still  assisted our customers  to move forward. That gives you assurance that Oak has both the proven knowledge and expertise in business equipment finance to help you in whatever you may require.


What can Oak do for me? Very simple really , we believe that we have the lowest interest rates on any UK  web calculator, and secondly if you are looking for help in Europe, we are the leading company in over 28 countries, providing you with a one point of contact. 


Oak Leasing, for the lowest leasing rates


Our customers rely upon Oak to be transparent, and give them a crucial word…YES, it can be done.  

This yes can mean funding for equipment in  the UK , or in over 28 countries in Europe. This yes can mean funding in the USA. This yes means  exploration equipment in the North Sea, heavy machinery in the UK, airport GSE equipment throughout Europe. We look at leasing from a different perspective, always looking at new possibilities.  


In the last three months, we have completed  over 40 different European deals, the value of these, well into eight figures.  Our customers varied from US companies funding in both the UK as well as Europe, and European manufactures requiring  finance for their customers throughout Europe and the UK.


We can structure both leasing and finance deals for equipment, in over 28 countries.  As you would expect from a leading leasing specialist,  we also can offer other services in these turbulent times, from large ticket asset finance, to funding for financial institutions wishing to either expand, replace or dilute existing sources.


This can also incorporate the disposal of non core financial activities or the disposal of non performing  portfolios. If you require a discreet, transparent, and experienced funder for Europe or the UK, look no further.


By utilising Oak Leasing, you will have the certainty that you require for any  UK or European equipment leasing programme or purchase that you may have either planned and postponed, or ready to seize  the opportunities that are available for forward thinking companies.


European Leasing              Airport GSE                   Asset Finance              Asset Refinance                              

European Equipment Leasing SpecialistsAirport GSE Equipment Leasing SpecialistsAsset Finance specialists Oak LeasingEquipment refinance specialists Oak leasing, release capital tied up in your assets.


“Oak were superb getting the best deals, from the right people and in very tight turn round times”

“Oak proved to be a one stop shop for our needs visiting and arranging documentation, dealing with our equipment suppliers and concluding all arrangements. The process was quick, efficient and trouble free”


Unbeatable European Coverage.


A simple question, does your existing funder stop at some or all country borders?  Our expertise in European Leasing will help you overcome these obstacles, and this includes borders, with the ability to cover 28 European countries, giving you the freedom that is required in todays global business.  


” I  always recommend Oak Leasing to anyone searching for equipment finance”

In the present climate of uncertainty, it is crucial that you can access over 40 years of equipment leasing experience.  Our customers say we are approachable, friendly,  and knowledgeable, and this is what is required in our present circumstances that we all find ourselves .


“The paperwork was reduced to a minimum and contract written in plain English. Great service, no hidden costs, the whole process straightforward and transparent. I would recommend  Oak Leasing wholeheartedly.”

In the last year  we arranged leasing for specialist underwater equipment in the North Sea, Aviation fuel tankers, also GSE equipment for airports, Robot production lines, a factory in Slovakia, 3G football pitch for a well known professional club, Renewable energy wind farms, Specialist equipment for aerospace company in Sweden, Coffee shops in Wales, Gin Stills in Scotland, Colour spectrometer equipment in Austria,Testing equipment in Denmark, and almost everything in between.


The last words should always be our customers, We have no hesitation in recommending Oak to anyone looking for equipment leasing”


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