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Oak Leasing

Oak Leasing has a wealth of leasing knowledge and expertise gathered over the last 40 years. We are told by our customers that we are friendly, transparent,and professional. This coupled with our experience in Europe as well as the UK, means that we can help you wherever you are and whatever the equipment you wish to lease.

We have helped thousands of businesses reach their peaks, helped them when the going was tough, and gave them a helping hand when they needed help. And best all, celebrated with them when they reached their goals!

As you read the website, its pages, blogs, and case studies, you will gather a feel of who we are, real people in your real world. We have strenuously tried to avoid the typical copy-written phrases, and financial jargon that you often find with some sites. We try to keep everything simple, so that way both of us can understand everything!

What equipment can you Lease?

Well almost anything, in the last year  we have arranged leasing for specialist underwater equipment in the North Sea, Aviation fuel tankers and GSE equipment for airports, Robot production lines,  3G football pitches, Renewable energy wind farms, Coffee shops in Wales, Colour spectrometer equipment in Austria, and almost everything in between.

As the saying goes, we have seen it, done it, and have a large collection of teeshirts!!

So why use us, well, firstly, our customers keep on coming back to us, so we must be doing something right!   Phrases from our customers like “the paperwork was reduced to a minimum and contract written in plain English. Great service, no hidden costs, the whole process straightforward and transparent”   There is not a great deal that I can add to that!

Oak Leasing is different, and we are glad that we are different.  We build our relationships carefully over the years with our customers.  So if you wish to join with thousands of customers, millions funded, 40 years  leasing and finance experience and knowledge,  funding available in Europe and coupled with outstanding lease rates, surely, we should be talking?


All our leasing services

Oak Lease is a provider of european leasing solutions. So when, as a global leader of aviation, marine and ground refuelling equipment, Fluid Transfer International, a Flofuel Group company, needed a leasing solution for three 45,000 litre aircraft refuelling vehicles for one of our customers, who is a major UK airport, Oak Lease was perfect.

With such an informed, smooth, team-spirited and swift service, Oak Lease is now our preferred partner for leasing solutions for our customers both in the UK and Europe, and we very much look forward to working on future projects together.”

George Maguire Managing Director
Fluid Transfer International Ltd

We are a start-up company and the Oak Leasing has been incredibly helpful from the beginning. Once provided with a list of the equipment we required, the process has been smooth. At each stage we have been informed and updated on the progress.

The paperwork was reduced to a minimum and contract written in plain English. Great service, no hidden costs, the whole process straightforward and transparent. I would recommend the Oak Leasing wholeheartedly. And special thanks to John Barter, who was in charge of our contract from the beginning to the end.”

Dr Zbigniew M Kirkor MD
Algocells Ltd

We have used this companies services, and found them excellent. The service and process is quick and efficient, the paperwork is effortless, would strongly recommend them if you are looking for a leasing partner. The customer service is friendly, and really efficient. Would highly recommend them

Cathy Coghlan M.D
Dorian Black Ltd Dublin.