Equipment leasing case studies in Europe and UK

Equipment Leasing Case Studies.


As you would expect from an experienced leasing company which has been established for over 30 years, we have thousands of customers, far too many to fit onto this page, so we have chosen some of our more different case studies.

You can see that we are very adaptable in helping both customers and suppliers alike to find the leasing solution that best suited their requirements.

What we don’t do is “off the peg” Everything is bespoke to either the supplier or customer’s needs.  As you can see, we can cover Europe as well as the UK.

A typical example.

Background: Swedish Aerospace Company   A worldwide leading aerospace company based in Sweden specialising in high-end electronicsScientific-electronic-equipment-leasing-specialists-Oak-Leasing

 To meet their equipment needs, they partnered with Copper Mountain Equipment of USA. Oak Leasing provided both the manufacturer and the Swedish company with a leasing solution utilising the required equipment without incurring a significant upfront cost.

Why Oak?

  • Streamlined Process: Dealing with a single leasing company for multiple countries simplifies the process for businesses. Instead of coordinating with different leasing providers in each country, they can rely on one point of contact to handle all leasing requirements across Europe. This streamlines administrative tasks, reduces paperwork, and saves time.


  • Consistency and Standardisation: Working with a single leasing company ensures consistency in terms of processes, documentation, and contractual terms across different countries. This allows businesses to maintain standardised leasing practices, reducing the need for adapting to various local requirements and regulations.


  • Expertise and Local Knowledge: A leasing company that covers multiple European countries often has extensive experience and knowledge of the leasing markets in each region. They understand the local regulations, tax implications, and market dynamics, which can help businesses navigate the complexities of equipment leasing in different countries.


  • Cost Savings: By consolidating leasing services under one provider, businesses can save on administrative costs associated with managing multiple leasing contracts across different countries.


  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Oak will provide businesses with flexible leasing options tailored to your specific needs. They can customize lease terms, payment schedules, and equipment requirements across different countries. This adaptability allows businesses to scale their operations and adjust leasing arrangements according to market demands.


  • Single Point of Accountability: Having a single point of contact simplifies communication and accountability.  This ensures a smoother and more efficient leasing experience.


  • Centralised Reporting and Management: Oak can provide centralised reporting, allowing businesses to have a comprehensive overview of their leasing activities across different European countries. This facilitates better tracking of lease agreements, equipment utilisation, and financial analysis, leading to improved decision-making and budgeting.


We simplify the leasing process, providing consistency, and enabling businesses to focus on their core operations while relying on a trusted partner to manage their equipment leasing needs across diverse markets.




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