Why do companies use air conditioning  leasing?

  • Fixed monthly or quarterly payments
  • Payments unaffected by interest rate movements
  • As your bank overdraft and other lines of credit  tighten and reduce, leasing   helps  preserve your valuable working capital for more profitable use elsewhere in your business.
  • Payments are 100% Tax Allowable

No matter what size the size of the air conditioning equipment it is, be it a couple of cassettes to a full heat pump system, Oak will arrange the leasing of your air conditioning with the minimum of fuss and paperwork.

By using air conditioning leasing, you match the leasing to the working life of the equipment and pay for it out of future savings or profits. The comfort of staff is one area that companies are fully aware that if too hot or too cold, productivity is effected. It is also crucial for the general well being of staff.

With many large capital budgets for the renewal or refurbishment of buildings, the budgets are always under pressure, and items are often then excluded from the spend. By using a lease rental, and spreading the cost of the equipment and installation, the air conditioning  equipment can be afforded by the customer.