The world has changed greatly in the last few months. Certainties have gone out of the window. Many companies are now looking to raise funds, from banks and investors.

Companies normally overlook that they are sitting on large amounts of equity left in their equipment that they own, even if it is still on finance or HP!



If you have equipment, even if it is already on finance, give us a call and free up working capital with our asset refinance plan.


This has become  a very useful  and discreet  method for companies as a cost effective way for firms to raise money.

Often your banks just do not listen, very good to help when things are smooth, but when cash flow problems hit, then will not offer the helping hand that you require!

Asset refinance specialists Oak Leasing

Asset refinance simply, gives you as cash injection from your existing assets and equipment, you could call it  a capital release plan.         

Two recent examples of Oak’s innovative and imaginative asset refinance  or equipment refinance plans were to a printing company, that was looking to raise further working capital.

Oak arranged asset refinance on three large printing machines, and freed up over £250,000 of valuable working capital that was previously tied up in the old machines.

In the second example,  a machine tool company required a cash boost over a quite period, By refinancing a number of older CNC machines, over £150,000 was raised.

This was provided discreetly, efficiently  and professionally.

Just think how we could assist your business!

Even if you already have finance on your  equipment, we can arrange both asset refinance as a lease or as HP. The choice is yours! 

Cutting to the chase

No preamble, no mission statements, just straight talking. We can help you come up with a structurally sound Plan B that will satisfy all your requirements, both short term & over a longer period.

Situations can change quickly for any company, a debtor might go under, and you could require money to cover the shortfall.

 With these, and any other situations, our asset refinance plan can help you grow and survive without asking your existing  bankers, and importantly keeping your existing credit lines free.

Plan B:-
Sometimes, your best laid plans go slightly awry, banks, PE companies, investors or finance companies let you down at the last moment, hiccups occur in most plans and in all businesses.