How To Become a Supplier

Why Do Suppliers choose Oak Leasing ?

A very good question, what does Oak bring to the party. Well first, it is our experience and long-term commitment in equipment leasing and asset finance  helps to ensure that suppliers like you can achieve its financing goals with confidence. You don’t need us to tell you that the leasing world has changed, from underwriting to service. What ever happened to “sales aid leasing?”

We think that we still offer sales aid leasing, coupled with the fact that we have broadened out to accept almost all types of equipment.  We underwrite and crucially accept new start deals. We strive to avoid jargon, so if you need a straight talking funder, with old fashioned “sales aid values”, you have come to the right company.

Secondly, Oak can help you by doing something very simple, just go to the quick quote calculator on your right and see by how much we are cheaper than your current funder or broker. Whilst we cannot guarantee that we are always lower, we are normally found to be one of the lowest.

Use the calculator for deals under £250K., For larger amounts, please either give us a call, as you can see from the example below, we could help you increase you invoice value .

We are fully aware that one size does not fit all.That is why we have a new online lease calculator which  is adjustable for new starts as well as established business’s. It is very simple to use, even easier than  1,2,3 !

Fast Answers.  As we’re equipment leasing specialists, we understand the critical importance of speed in turning a deal around. We are aware that the longer it takes, the colder the sale. So we will respond as quickly as possible

Fast Payments.  Cash flow is crucial in any business, remember “a sale is not a sale until the cash is in your bank account” With Oak Leasing you will get paid either by BACs or TT, normally within hours. It is better the money is in your account than your customers for the next 30 – 60 days.

Cover for most of Europe.

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How to avoid giving discounts 

  • The key thing is keep it simple. When discussing price with a customer, always use a monthly or quarterly “ballpark figure”
  • The customer is expecting a large cash price, by giving a monthly or quarterly figure you help  minimise the price of the equipment.
  • A customer will rarely tell you why they need leasing.  But unless you give them the option of leasing,  you could well lose the sale.
  • Remember, leasing is normally used by companies that could afford to pay cash for your equipment many times over.
  • Never presume.