Oak fully understand the importance of working capital and cash flow for a new or existing business. If you are planning a new purchase or a major expansion of your existing laundry equipment, we can help you.

Laundry equipment leasing is ideal for both established laundry service businesses who need to update their laundry equipment, and those who wish to start a new laundry business. By spreading the cost of expensive dryers and washers, leasing just simply helps your budget stretch to the equipment that you need.

Drycleaning and laundry equipment is something we have funded for over 29 years without a break, so surely, we should be talking?

By utilising laundry equipment leasing to preserve valuable working capital on a large washer dryer system, it frees some of your budget for other uses to increase your business for instance, a new laundry epos system or some digital marketing.

Leasing is a major budget stretcher, and helps you grow your business. Remember, new equipment is more economical than older, so the savings here will help go against your monthly lease payment, and from your customers side, the new equipment will improve the quality of either their wash or dry cleaning resulting perhaps in more custom from your customers!  That is a win-win situation surely?