This is no fairy tale!

Danish Manufacturer chooses Oak Leasing
Posted on December 12, 2021

We all know that in the harbour Copenhagen, there is a very famous statue of a mermaid to commemorate Hans Christian Andersen, the author of many famous fairy tales. Visitors come from all over the world just to see and take “selfies” of themselves with the mermaid in the background.

At this present time, it is perhaps understandable to think fondly of a different time, when reality did not seem to apply.  But time and reality always catch up with us, and brings us down to earth with a bump!

Oak were contacted by a large and respected electronic specialist manufacturer in Denmark, who were unable to move forward with their existing funder with a potential customer. Not only did Oak succeed in arranging finance with their customer, but in a very short timescale, have arranged funding for two further customers, both in different European countries.

The message I will leave you is very simple, some time, fairy stories do really come true!

For funding of equipment or projects in Europe, you know who to call, and it’s not Hans Christian Andersen!