Why use asset finance?

Well it’s all in the letter F!

We are flexible on equipment !

We are flexible on underwriting !

We are flexible on New Starts, they are welcome here!

We are flexible on Rates!

Flexible, well what does that actually mean? it simply means that the term over which you require the asset finance can vary from 2 years to perhaps in some circumstances 7 years. The asset that you can put on finance is also very varied, from the obvious examples of plant and machinery, to artificial football pitches, oil and gas exploriation equipment, large HVAC installations,  catering equipment,the list is almost endless.

The asset finance we have provided has varied from North Sea oil equipment, factories in Slovakia, airport GSE equipment,printing presses, wind turbine farms, commercial factory racking to coffee shops, you name it, we have funded it, and everything in between!

  • Fixed Term. All of our Leases and HP contracts are a fixed term, so that you know exactly when they will end. Fixed term helps also as bank overdrafts are normally agreed only on an annual basis, so when companies experience some hicups, as many do, the bank can cancel the overdraft, but with our contracts, you know, they will simply continue over the agreed period. There are also no annual renewal fees or annual admin fees, that banks and some funders put into their agreements.
  • Frees up capital. Working  capital to any company is crucial, you know that you require the new equipment, but also fully aware that it might place a strain on working capital. Asset Finance removes this strain, and the equipment will pay for itself over the period of the lease or HP contract. No one pays their staff three years in advance, so why pay for your equpment three years in advance, it simply does not make much sense!