Suppliers like Fluid Transfer have found leasing very useful for overcoming the lack of Capex expenditure in airport budgets. A leasing solution helps to have your equipment delivered today, and not tomorrow.

Oak has  financed de icing equipment for aircraft, both in the UK as well as in European airports, and ground handling equipment which included both aircraft tugs and generators and aviation fuel tankers. We are able to lease all ground support equipment, from passenger bridges to apron equipment, providing leasing solutions for busy airports with high operational turnaround pressure.

Airport Equipment Leasing Specialists, Oak Leasing

Leading Airport ground support equipment companies have chosen Oak as their leasing partner, the ability to fund more than just the equipment in a monthly or quarterly rental is proving very attractive to many ground handlers.  By helping to minimise the initial “cost per push back” and making a ” aircraft turnarounds”  more affordable.

As with all airport runway machinery, equipment leasing or equipment finance is the route that airports choose to use to acquire the use of crucial equipment, be it fire tenders, tugs, or general airport ground support equipment.

As growth returns to the aviation sector, after a period of perhaps standing still, the requirement for airports to expand and renew both passenger and cargo terminals is growing.

With many European banks slow in offering their support for such enquiries, Oak Leasing is pleased to help fill the funding gap this has left behind.

The option of standing still is not an option, standing still in reality is slowly going backwards. It is crucial to keep investing in new equipment and services, to attract both the airlines, with speed of turn-around, which increases airport revenue, and increased passenger growth.

The pressure on airport infrastructure and GSE equipment is growing, as air traffic is set to double in the next 20 years. The greater the footfall, the greater the profit generated. The two approaches that airports are looking to are the Dual till and single till business models. Both require large capital investment, with one providing a better return on investment and capex.

Our airport equipment leasing and finance solutions make it very simply for GSE suppliers to equate “cost per push back”. This enables accurate tendering for contracts with both airports and airlines.In some European countries, we have the facilities to offer an operating lease, which enable your customer a perfect off balance sheet solution To this end, we have provided some airports with finance for their new LED lighting in new terminals

We are able to offer a sale and lease back of your existing GSE equipment, this will enable you to free up valuable working capital locked into your existing equipment

Together with a modern terminal, this will increase capacity, operating efficiency, and environmental sustainability with new efficient equipment.

If you wish to discuss any funding projects that you or your customers might have, please just give us a call, or we look forward to meeting with you in Munich.

What GSE Equipment can you lease?    

In two words, almost anything


  • Mobile passenger stairs.
  • Catering high loaders, lifts and trucks.
  • Belt loaders, high loaders, and all baggage handling equipment
  • Tractors and Tugs.
  • Toilet service equipment.
  • Aviation Fuel Tankers
  • Aircraft De-Icers
  • Power GPU’s


  • Scanners.
  • Specialised Security Equipment.
  • Luggage Belts.
  • Concessionaire  shop  and restaurant fit-outs etc.
  • LED lighting.
  • Demand Response Modules.