The economic headwinds  facing both airports and airline alike this year will prove to be a major stumbling block for GSE equipment manufactures and suppliers.

European leasing specialists, Oak Leasing

Traditional revenue models are under enormous pressure.

Customers cash flow capabilities continue to dwindle.

CAPEX/OPEX deals are under stress thanks to one CFO  question. Why now?

A leasing solution at point of sale will help companies like yours beat 2022’s economic headwinds, and crucially, it helps relieve pressure on Capex for the CFO.

 However, by utilising Oak Leasing, you will have the certainty that you require for any European  or American equipment leasing programme or purchase that you may have either planned and postponed, or ready to seize  the opportunities that are available for forward thinking companies.

All of us have to adapt to the new normal,  increased passenger health awareness, increased air and landside costs, lower footfall,  all increasing pressure on Capex.

 To help airports, airline and GSE companies, we can offer a sale and lease back of  GSE and other equipment in the UK, Europe and now America

In 2021, we leased equipment  into Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, Manchester,

Belfast Int, Newcastle, and  Cardiff , and that’s just the UK !

Additional European Funding Source.


Oak Leasing, the GSE leasing specialists  Certainly the ability to arrange airport equipment leasing and finance throughout most of Europe has proved to be a valuable asset to many airports and GSE suppliers. As we look ahead, the European leasing landscape is changing.

Many of the larger European banks are becoming restricted both in credit and asset when looking at any new business.

Oak Leasing, the GSE leasing specialists

There is no option, but to spend. To accommodate this expenditure, and placing  further pressure on other infrastructure requirements such as airgates, Body temperature sensors,  A-VDGS installations, radar, and other necessary capital projects, airports are increasingly looking to fresh financial partners to fund these infrastructural projects.

  Almost all airports use leasing or finance to help them spread their payments for equipment both airside and landside. At Munich airport, one of the  major landside restaurants used Oak for the refurbishment of their restaurant . We are not limited to purely GSE equipment. We can lease almost everything both airside and landside.

  The challenges for any airport now are maintaining growth, safety, and profit. All of these come with a financial cost.  Capex is always under pressure, and items from improved security, through to GSE equipment airside can be placed on leasing or finance.  Therefore enable spreading the cost over an agreed period will relieve pressure on capex, and freeing up working capital for other projects.


Airport Equipment Leasing Specialists, Oak Leasing

The option of standing still is not an option, standing still in reality is slowly going backwards. It is crucial to keep investing in new equipment and services, to attract both the airlines, with speed of turn-around, which increases airport revenue, and increased passenger growth.


We are able to offer a sale and lease back of your existing GSE equipment, this will enable you to free up valuable working capital locked into your existing equipment”


We would be pleased to come to either your factory or  airport if you wish to discuss any funding projects that you or your customers might have.

European ground support equipment finance specialists, Oak LeasingAirside:                                                                                     

      • Mobile passenger stairs.
      • Catering high loaders, lifts and trucks.
      • Belt loaders, high loaders, and all baggage handling equipment
      • Tractors and Tugs.
      • Toilet service equipment.
      • Aviation Fuel Tankers
      • Aircraft De-Icers
      • Power GPU’s

Video conference l equipment finance specialists Oak LeasingLandside:

  • Body Temperature Scanners.
  • Specialised Security Equipment.
  • Luggage Belts.
  • Concessionaire  shop  and restaurant fit-outs etc.
  • LED lighting.
  • Demand Response Modules.
  • Airport infrastructure.