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We all feeling the cold blast of economic headwinds at the moment.


Help shelter from these by using catering equipment leasing spread the cost, fixed monthly repayments help as inflation rises, and gives you a new valuable credit line.

Why choose expensive “in-house” supplier leasing deals?


With over 30 years of catering equipment leasing experience, we are confident in offering you very competitive catering equipment leasing rates


Video call OakleaseApply online OakleaseWhy use Europe’s leading leasing broker?


  •   Expertise:    Using our 30 years of knowledge and experience, we give you one point of contact whose expertise in differing funders’ requirements are crucial. Instead of dealing with multiple companies, you work with a single person, who knows which funders to contact.


  •  Efficiency:  A single point of contact ensures a consistent level of service, as the various banks and funders have different equipment and underwriting policies. With over 40 funding partners, we are highly likely to find a funder who will meet your specific needs.


  • Simplicity: We streamline communication and decision making reducing your time and effort required in managing your funding requirements. Let us do your legwork for you.


  • Cost Effective: We do all of the hard yards for you, finding the funders who best suit you. This saves you valuable time and effort. We can offer the best rates for all types of customers, new starts and established companies throughout the UK.


As  2023 moves forward, the leasing landscape is changing. Many of the mainstream banks are reverting to a sector-based focus on credit risk analysis when looking at any new business proposals, this applies also to equipment.

You could well think, well, these are just words, where is the proof?

If I said that the world’s largest fast food company, with over 5000  restaurants in 28 countries chose Oak as its funder for the last 5 years, it might show that others know who to choose.

What catering equipment can I lease?


Well in two words, almost anything!

  • Ovens, Bain Maries, Fryers, and other catering equipment.Catering Finance Specialists Oak Leasing
  • Coffee machines.
  • Refrigeration, Cold Rooms and Chillers.
  • Restaurant Furniture including tables, chairs and bars.
  • Ducting and Ventilation
  • Air Conditioning
  • Epos Systems.
  • Digital Signage


With Oak, you have the best of both worlds. You choose the catering supplier with the lowest prices. You choose Oak and use our expertise.

Let’s start a conversation, you never know where it may lead!