Over the last couple of years, the catering sector has grown, from coffee shops, restaurants, to fast food outlets. The banks and the more traditional funders have not supported this growing market, especially for new start businesses.

Starting a new business has never been easier, but the same old challenges still exist. The move from kitchen table to boardroom, from washing up to your owning your own restaurant, or just finally being able to do it ‘your way’, It’s that second giant leap which needs help, and that is what we do best, help.

Catering equipment leasing specialists Oak LeasingIf  you are considering a either a new kitchen from scratch or a complete refurbishment we will be able to help. The list of equipment we can finance is immense, from food prep, to extraction, refrigeration to ovens, freezers to cold rooms, coffee machines, furniture,  epos, a new bar or anything else for your hotel or restaurant, we can to help you.

You know you have the most competitive catering finance rates, and straight forward, transparent documentation. This applies to a new start venture as well as established companies.The process to move forward is very simple,  you choose your supplier and the catering equipment, we arrange the leasing deal to suit you best, with of course the best rates, and we email the documents to you, and then arrange payment to your  supplier.

We are friendly, professional, and experienced, and as you can see from our customer’s comments, we are very good at our job, so you will be in very safe hands.

So we can offer you the best catering finance rates, totally impartial, experienced, you choose the equipment and the supplier or suppliers, we don’t mind, you are in charge. That must be having your cake and eating it!

Let’s start a conversation, you never know where it may lead!

Over the last 29 years Oak has provided catering finance to thousands of kitchens for all types of equipment in restaurants, fast food, hotels and bars. 

This has included brand new starts, established restaurants and hotels and take aways. We have financed, Ovens, Bain Maries, Ranges, Cold rooms , Fridges  Bars, Furniture, Signage, Air conditioning, Epos, in fact almost everything that you need in a restaurant.