Supplier Benefits

Leasing has two very distinctive advantages  that supplier salespeople have used since leasing came over from Canada in the early 1970’s.

There are others, but I would suggest that these are the two crucial benefits, one for the supplier, one for the customer, a correct balance.

For the customer, it helps them over come any budget limitations or Capex problems. By accepting a monthly or quarterly lease figure, it neatly side steps the main capex budget, and help the customer acquire the equipment that they need now, rather than putting off the decision until perhaps next year. That also helps the supplier, since he can close the deal now, and not in the future.

For the saleperson, leasing minimises the cost of the equipment, but say that the equipment costs say £649 per month, sounds quite affordable, compared with a capital cost of, well you have to use the calculator for that answer!!

Why Do Suppliers choose Oak Leasing ?

A very good question, what does Oak bring to the party. Well first, it is our experience and long-term commitment in equipment leasing and asset finance  helps to ensure that suppliers like you can achieve its financing goals with confidence.

You don’t need us to tell you that the leasing world has changed, from underwriting to service. What ever happened to “sales aid leasing?” We think that we still offer sales aid leasing, coupled with the fact that we have broadened out to accept almost all types of equipment.
From reading the blog, the case studies and the pages on here, you will gather a feeling of who we are and what we are really like, real people in the real world, just like you. We have studiously avoided typical copy written phrases, and financial jargon.
We just like to keep things simple and straightforward. so if you need a straight talking funder, with old fashioned “sales aid values”, you have come to the right company. What we will not do is call you every day saying have you any proposals, we assume rightly or wrongly, that if you have a deal for us, you will simply send it over. No pressure,no problems.
You will never exactly know why a customer has chosen  to go the leasing route, large multi nationals lease, newstarts lease, but their reasons are poles apart. The one thing we would say is never assume, and always lead with a monthly lease figure, if he pays cash, that is fine, but if you don’t lead with a lease figure, you could lose that sale for reasons that you know nothing about!
As a supplier you have a choice, stay with who you know, not a bad option, or send the odd deal over to us. Odd could mean one that does not fit with your existing broker or funder, but please do not send us all of the rejected drawer!
Odd to us mean large and perhaps unusual customer or equipment, or based in Europe. Remember, we are very good at having new starts accepted.
We will not chase you every day asking for deals, but simply there to help you when asked. That does not mean we are ” laid back” but treating you as we liked to be treated. Hassle is not a word in our vocabulary.
To start a conversation, the first step is to click on the phone !!  Look forward to hearing from you.