Equipment finance and asset finance is crucial to all companies and business in the present financial climate. Access to business equipment finance helps companies like yours promote both profit and growth.

A quick internet search will find you many equipment finance or asset finance companies, the key is which one will you choose? Are you looking for an equipment finance partner to grow with, or is it for a specific piece of equipment? Do you choose a “high street” name, or an independent funder with over 26 years experience to draw on?

Equipment Finance specialists Oak LeasingA company that can empathise with you, has grown from an “acorn” and developed into a mature Oak, and with a skill set to match.

We have not forgotten how difficult that it was to start up a new business, and we are fully aware of the problems of growing a company over the last five years.



If you wish to speak to “real people in the real world”, with a very positive approach to finance, just call us and use our business equipment finance expertise.

The key to any useful business or asset finance is that it is not limited to certain equipment. As well as the obvious assets that we can underwrite, likewise have the ability to fund unusual and equipment that many funders would “run a mile from” We can offer you equipment refinance as an option to assist your cashflow.

Finally, we are fully aware that you have a choice, we have not listed our leading customers, neither the amounts that we have underwritten over the last 26 years. In our view, empty vessels etc!

However we will show you what our customers have said about us, it is their considered, careful and impartial opinion. This we think gives you a truer picture than any corporate flannel!