By using leasing, the equipment will generate the monthly rental, and then the extra profit that it generates is just profit to reinvest in your business.

Unlike most of the other leasing companies, we are accepting all kinds of beauty and fitness equipment, for both new start business, and established businesses. From pedicure, to massage tables, facial skin to spa equipment, we have funded them over the last 30 years, and everything in between.

No matter if it is a skin abrasion machine for a beauty salon, or some leisure equipment for a gym or a spa, Oak will help you with your beauty and fitness equipment leasing

In any business, cash is king, it is very important to keep cash for the day to day running of a business. For any new equipment, either an electrolysis machine, or new rowing machines, leasing gives you the opportunity of getting the equipment that you need, without you spending your valuable cash.

Beauty and fitness equipment leasing will give you a new credit line, that once given, cannot be withdrawn unlike a bank overdraft


Oaklease always offers a helping hand What equipment can I lease?

Very good question, in broad terms almost anything that a salon might require.

This could include any of the following.  

Reception and sink units.

Epos and IT equipment.

Chairs and toning tables.

Skin toning equipment.


You not tied to one supplier, so you can enjoy the best deals from as many suppliers as you wish, ensuring you will always get the best deal. Whatever  you might require, we can more than likely offer a lease for that equipment. If you are looking for a helping hand, just click on the picture! 

If you are looking for a professional, experienced , transparent, leasing company to fund your salon, look no further.