One simple fact is that enough solar energy reaches the Earth’s surface in a single day to provide over 27 years’ worth of electricity and yet we utilise only 1% of solar power at present.


Our underwriters critically have extensive knowledge and expertise in both European renewable energy finance  and our 40 funding partners have funded some of the largest renewable energy projects in the world.

European Renewables Finance Specialists Oak Leasing

Why use the leading European equipment finance broker?

  •   Expertise:    Using our 30 years of knowledge and experience in Europe, we give you one point of contact whose expertise in differing regulations throughout European countries is crucial. Instead of dealing with multiple companies and different teams in different locations, you work with a single person, who has a broad understanding of the financial landscape in Europe.


  •  Efficiency:  A single point of contact ensures a consistent level of service, as the various banks and funders have different
    equipment and underwriting policies in various countries.


  • Simplicity : We streamline communication and decision making reducing your time and effort required in managing your European funding solutions.


  • Cost Effective: We do all of the hard yards for you, finding the funders who best suit your equipment and customers.  This saves you valuable time and effort. By utilising us, we can offer the best rates for all types of your customers, throughout Europe.