European equipment leasing specialists, Oak LeasingIn this post Brexit world that we are all facing, the one thing that companies require is certainty. Certainly we have proven experience and this is shown by the number of completed structured deals in Europe, both for individual customers and large vendor suppliers. Companies are utilising our European finance knowledge to asset them in planning and moving either offices or production into Europe locations.

By using our European Leasing funding partners, Oak offers local coverage in Europe, sales support locally, documentation locally, and the best part, you have one easy point of contact to coordinate your sales effort. If I can take the words of one supplier, “it is an unbeatable combination”

With one point of contact to cover your European sales, it makes an European leasing programme easier to run, not reliant on individual offices, different languages, in different counties.

Let us do the hard work for you.

Oak is not run by anonymous men in grey suits, but experienced, knowledgeable, down to earth, experienced  leasing professionals. Rather than sit in a office, we will come over to meet you in Europe and help you move your funding project on, be it a supplier for a vendor program, or an individual company requiring equipment.

This could either be in the UK, or at your factory in Europe to discuss what is the best leasing solution or you to take, either as a one off transaction, or a full European vendor programme.

A UK manufacturer asked us to fund a new production line in Slovakia, they had asked other well-known funders, but all had said that they were unable to help them. Oak not only has sourced funders for the whole proposal, but had the whole deal turned round in a matter of days. Such relocation plans are common in sectors that rely on “just-in-time” deliveries such as the car and aviation sectors but also the food industry, as we have funded a new food production line in Slovenia.  We firmly believe that blinkers are for horses, not for companies.

For any project in Europe, let’s start a conversation, you never know where it may lead!