Experience Matters !

With over 30 years under our belt, we know equipment leasing in Europe like no other

“As a leading worldwide precision CNC manufacturer, ANCA provides our customers with crucial production elements with our machines and technology. Our customers require quick and flexible decisions to optimise their capacity. Oak is a crucial ANCA partner to this end. Their professionalism and excellent funding network makes them an ideal finance partner for efficient and effective financing throughout Europe.”

Martin  Winterstein,  Managing Director, ANCA Europe GmbH


Does your funder stop at borders? We don’t ! Overcome Borders with the European leasing and finance specialists, Oak Leasing


  •   Expertise:   As the leading European leasing broker, using our 30 years of knowledge and experience in Europe, we give you one point of contact whose expertise in differing regulations throughout European countries is crucial. Instead of dealing with multiple companies and different teams in different locations, you work with a single person, who has a broad understanding of the financial landscape in Europe.


  •  Efficiency:  A single point of contact ensures a consistent level of service, as the various banks and funders have different equipment and underwriting policies in various countries.


  • Simplicity : We streamline communication and decision making reducing your time and effort required in managing your European funding solutions. No wasted calls to multiple offices in different countries.


  • Cost Effective: We do all of the hard yards for you, finding the funders who best suit your equipment and customers.  This saves your valuable time and effort. By utilising us, we can offer the best rates for all types of your customers, throughout Europe.  


We do not stand still, this Autumn, we have increased our funding ability in both Spain and Portugal. The President of a large company in Portugal, who we have funded four times, as he shook my hand said “You are the Premier League”. A compliment indeed. Oaklease expands Leasing and Finance in Spain and Portugal


As we look ahead,  the European leasing landscape is changing, and so is Oak.

Many of the larger European mainstream banks are reverting to a sector-based focus on credit risk analysis when looking at any new business proposals, this applies also to equipment.


We roll our sleeves up and ensure that your deals are accepted, no hullabaloo, no fanfare, just professional graft, knowledge of the market and leasing expertise. With funding available in 30 countries, documentation in the local language, sales support locally, and e-sign documentation, and one point of contact, what more could you ask?



European equipment leasing specialists, Oak Leasing

As we approach the end of the year, we have arranged equipment leasing in Norway, Finland, Poland, Germany,Ireland, The Netherlands, France, Spain, and Austria not forgetting Portugal,  Sweden and Italy!

Our expertise in European Leasing will help you overcome the economic headwinds, and this includes borders, with the ability to cover 30 European countries. We are discreet, professional, knowledgeable, and with attention to detail.

European equipment leasing specialists, Oak Leasing


Payment Options Matter.

Capex is under enormous pressure in every company, every item is highly scrutinised before approval, and in in completion from all the other departments that are requesting a capital purchase.

The world’s largest fast food company chose Oak for their franchises throughout Europe. They required a European leasing partner covering over 30 countries, with varied suppliers and equipment to provide their franchisee with a lease option for Menu Boards, Epos, Ovens, and other equipment.   They realised that payment options are crucial, and more so now than ever before.

A leading Danish company realised that offering a lease solution at the point of sale would help them overcome budget and Capex difficulties with their customers.  Leasing proved to reduce the sales cycle and keep margin.

Video call OakleaseSimply offering either monthly or quarterly leasing figures, helps the finance director, by simply making this a revenue purchase, not a capital purchase. Not rocket science, more like common sense. We can arrange a proven seamless integrated leasing portal to assist you in presenting a leasing solution to your customers.

In summary, we can offer you a single point of contact for 30 European countries to provide you with a European leasing solution which is more effective and transparent.


We know the ins and outs of technicalities in each country, we know which funders like what equipment, and what customers and what deal size. Nothing is off the peg in Europe, it is always bespoke to you.