A European equipment leasing partner who will provide you with certainty, especially in the coming year.

Our proven European equipment leasing experience will prove crucial to many companies that required our European leasing knowledge.

European leasing specialists, Oak Leasing

Traditional revenue models are under enormous pressure.

Customers cash flow capabilities continue to dwindle.

CAPEX/OPEX deals are under stress thanks to one CFO  question. Why now?

A leasing solution at point of sale will help companies like yours beat 2022’s economic headwinds, and crucially, it helps relieve pressure on Capex for the CFO.

  By utilising Oak Leasing, you will have the certainty that you require for any European equipment leasing programme or purchase that you may have either planned and postponed, or ready to seize  the opportunities that are available for forward thinking companies.

As we look ahead, the European leasing landscape is changing. Many of the larger European mainstream banks are reverting to a sector based focus on credit risk analysis when looking at any new business proposals, this applies also to equipment.


European equipment leasing specialists, Oak Leasing

A simple question, does your existing funder stop at some or all borders?  

Although the year has only just started, we have arranged equipment leasing in Norway, Finland, Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain, and Austria and not forgetting Portugal .

Our expertise in European Leasing will help you overcome the economic headwinds, and this includes borders, with the ability to cover 28 European countries. We are discreet, professional, knowledgeable, and with attention to detail.

European equipment leasing specialists, Oak Leasing


Payment Options Matter.

Capex is under enormous pressure in every company, every item is highly scrutinised before approval, and in in completion from all the other departments that are requesting a capital purchase.

The world’s largest fast food company chose Oak for their franchises throughout Europe. They required a European leasing partner covering over 28 countries , with varied suppliers and equipment to provide their franchisee with a lease option for Menu Boards, Epos, Ovens, and other equipment.   They realised that payment options are crucial, and more so now than ever before.

A leading Danish company realised that to offer a lease solution at point of sale would help them overcome budget and Capex difficulties with their customers.  Leasing proved to reduce the sales cycle and keep margin.

By simply offering either monthly or quarterly leasing figure, helps  the finance director, by simply making this a revenue purchase, not a capital purchase. Not rocket science, more like common sense. We can arrange a proven seemless intergrated leasing portal to assist you in presenting a leasing solution to your  customers.