Shopfitting equipment we can lease:-

Most funders will walk a mile from carpets, installations, ducting, but we have funded these for over 29 years!

Some of the shopfitting equipment that we have funded include, Modular shelving, Bespoke counters Wallboarding including slatline panelling, Specialist units and displays cabinets, Counters, checkouts and epos equipment, CCTV & Security equipment, Ceilings Air Conditioning equipment, floor coverings, Electrical installations, and not forgetting Shop fronts.

In the modern commercial world, appearance is crucial, by having new and modern shopfitting increases the overall appearance of any retail outlet, and increases footfall. By keeping your store looking fresh, it creates new footfall, and that increases sales.

The benefits of shopfitting equipment leasing are:-

  • Leasing conserves valuable working capital by not having to pay cash up front, the cost is spread to cover the working life of the equipment so you get the benefit of immediate usage of the equipment without the capital outlay.
  • The total cost of the leasing rentals is fully tax allowable. Furthermore, rentals do not rise with inflation or interest rates. It also keeps your valuable banking credit lines free for more profitable use elsewhere in your business.

Just let shopfitting leasing be a budget stretcher for your refit, and let the shelving pay for itself over the period of the lease!