We do not use a scattergun approach, our business equipment leasing experience knows the funders to discuss your proposal with from day one. With a jargon free website, we deliver transparent, and easily understood business equipment leasing.

Oak Leasing, the equipment leasing specialistsThat translates into simple terms, they like, us, yes, they trust us, yes, and we have very competitive rates, yes. With both larger plc’s and smaller business coming back to us time and time again means we are doing something right as you can read below


Business equipment leasing is the smart and sensible way to have your equipment on day one, and spread the cost over its useful life.
You would not contemplate paying your staff 3 years in advance so why do you pay for your equipment 3 years in advance before it has earned you a penny?

Oak’s business equipment leasing gives you affordability, new equipment at affordable new repayments. You know that you need the equipment as the demand is there, but you need to preserve existing cash or credit lines for either a rainy day or to fund other projects.

Think of equipment leasing as a helping hand, to grow your business, both in the UK as well as Europe. That is business equipment finance in a nutshell, simple and straightforward.