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Block Discounting and Stocking Finance Specialists, Oak Leasing

Companies may have a rental fleet of various equipment, and there is a demand from your customers to expand your fleet. Your existing credit lines from your banks may well limit your expansion.

 Block discounting and stocking finance could well be your answer, a new credit line specifically designed to assist you in expanding  you own in-house rental fleet of equipment.

Oak has access to banks  that can provide such facilities to you, and is a sound way to raise funds against a future rental stream from either your existing customers or new customers.

Oak can now offer block discounting facilities and stocking facilities on over 27 countries in Europe. With such experience, we can help manufacturers expand financial assistance to their distributors throughout Europe.

We are able to offer to purchase existing rental streams or rental books for a huge variety of equipment, from Chip and Pin terminals to robots, machine tooling, office equipment, and any other type of equipment or plant.

Stocking finance is mainly aimed at manufactures who wish to expand in  markets by helping dealers or distributors finance their equipment without an additional credit risk to the manufacturer. This is crucial in enlarging a footprint of any company  wishing to expand in Europe and the UK.

If you are looking at either block discounting or stocking finance, we are known for providing a transparent and discreet service, and would be glad to help you.