Pledges and promises!

Oaklease completes large lease with UK plc.
Posted on June 06, 2024

Pledges and promises, must be an election!

I do find it quite astonishing that once its election time, the political parties discover the famous money tree, which as been well hidden for decades!

I can say that Oak has never found the famous money tree, however, we are transparent and tenacious in finding funding for our partners.

A large Swedish company,based on the East coast of Sweden, required a lease solution for a major UK plc for their new equipment.

Being highly specialised equipment, and the amount well into seven figures they required specialist knowledge and experience.

The structure and complexity of the deal took many months of Teams calls over the Winter and Spring between our funding partners, supplier, customer and Oak.

Working as a team, all parties proved that a successful conclusion can be made in almost all circumstances.

Perhaps not a discoverer of the infamous money tree, but if you are looking for a reliable tenacious and transparent funding partner, not just at an election time, you know who to contact.