Oak has a 29 year pedigree of salon equipment leasing for new start business, as well as helping an established salon complete a refurbishment. Whatever the equipment that you need, we can lease it for you. This can be chairs, epos and IT equipment, coffee machines, basins, in fact almost anything that you will require.

Everybody’s reason can be slightly different, but the basis is always the same; spreading the cost over the life of the equipment and making the transaction tax efficient.

No one pays their staff 3 years salary in advance, why should you pay for your equipment 3 or 5 years in advance, before it has started to contribute profit to your business. For many, salon equipment leasing and salon equipment finance just makes common sense.

Why do Salons use equipment  leasing?

  • Leasing will give them a new credit line that once agreed and started, the terms cannot be changed in any way, which includes the monthly or quarterly repayment.
  • Leasing does not affect existing banking overdrafts or other credit or HP lines. With credit being restricted, leasing will be the main way for business to overcome the  credit crunch and acquire new equipment.
  • Leasing conserves valuable working capital for day to day running of the salon.
  • By using leasing to keep your salon looking fresh and attracts new customers.