Our one click European lease portal is a game changer!

One click European lease portal is a game changer from Oaklease.
Posted on February 02, 2024

Possibly the biggest manufacturer of large refrigerated equipment in Europe has chosen Oak to be its European leasing partner.

The German company is undoubtedly the market leader in Europe for its renowned equipment.

The availability of our one click European lease portal was certainly one factor that helped, along with the ability to fund in thirty European countries.

To reach this stage has taken Oak over two years of careful discussions with one of our major funding partners and the manufacturer. 

It is the first major use of AI that Oak has used in thirty two years, never too late to learn is what we say!

In very simple terms, leasing is a sales aid, and to make it work in a true European context, it has to be quick, easy to use, and cover many countries.

With documentation in a local language, the ability to instantly review progress on a proposal, print documentation, with some countries the e-sign documentation also being available is a huge step in helping manufacturers use leasing as the most effective way to present the equipment cost.

This year across Europe , it will be hard to sell large equipment, leasing will give your salesforce the edge. You know who to call!