What are the benefits of garage equipment leasing?

That is a question  have been asked  many times over the last 27 years. Most leasing companies will simply list the features of equipment leasing, but many forget the actual benefits of leasing equipment. Many will have phrases similar to ” aids forward budgeting” or ” tax efficient”. If you are an FD of a company, that will be fine, but I would suggest that most will be normal people, looking for a ” Janet & John” explanation.  This is Oak’s ” Janet & John” version of what are the benefits of equipment leasing.

No one pays for their staff 3 or 5 years in advance, so why pay for your garage equipment in advance.

Garage equipment suppliers have been using leasing as a sales tool for over 30 years. No matter what type of equipment that you sell, by leading with a lease rental figure will always minimise the cost of the garage equipment by quoting a “ballpark” monthly or weekly figure.

Our knowledge of garage equipment leasing and garage equipment finance helps you obtain very high acceptances of your proposals, that includes even new start business’s. We are very aware that garages have to keep up to date with all the new requirements of both emissions and waste.

The benefits of leasing to your customers is that they can afford what the really require today. Cash flow is critical to any business,  but by spreading the cost over the working life of the equipment relieves the financial pressure on the business.