Stop Press, The Money Tree is located !!

Oak Leasing,The European equipment Leasing specialists
Posted on January 01, 2020 | , , ,

The money tree was discussed in the last general election, and both of the main parties appeared to know of it’s location !  However, people scoffed. Most of the papers were sceptical of its existence, some linked it to the existence of the unicorn!


Many people believe it to be true, books have been written, maps published, but the tree has still proved elusive. There is one strong rumour that there is a large group that seem to be believers of the money tree, and they hide amongst us, keeping their heads down.


To help you locate these believers of the money tree, I would suggest that you use your normal search engine. Simply type into it whatever equipment that you are currently considering purchasing for your company.


And there you will find them, suppliers of equipment, with very little or no mention of leasing or finance which is available. They must believe that your money is either in your mattress or perhaps under the floorboards. But of course, you have a money tree in your carpark!


Payment options are crucial, and matter from the first contact, either from the website or from the initial quote.  If a finance or leasing option is not visible, they will rightly presume that the supplier does not offer such assistance.  They will rapidly find a company which tells them finance is an available option.


Some suppliers will say, well, all of our companies are very large, they have their own finance available. To reply, experience has taught me to say two things, credit lines can and do run short, and overdrafts should be considered for day to day running of a business. They are not for capital expenditure.


Access to a new credit line is very useful, perhaps not at the moment,  however local funding with your customer’s  bank or existing finance house might be either at capacity, or close to capacity.


All companies will experience Capex hiccups, be they large or small, and that is not just referring to the hiccups! But by offering a leasing or finance option shows empathy, demonstrates understanding of your customers, and shows your business acumen and experience to your customers.


Unless you actually spot a money tree in your customers car park, do not assume that they have one. It has been tarmacced over!


But, if I let you into a secret, there is a money tree, which you and your customers can use. Best news of all, it grows very well in twenty seven European countries.


Countless suppliers and customers use it, from very large corporations to smaller businesses. They have linked up with this tree on their website, and surprise, surprise, it makes both them and their customers grow together.


In Sweden, the tree is known as Ek, in Germany, Eiche, in The Netherlands, Eik, and in Spain, Roble. But in the UK, the Money Tree is known simply as………Oak!

Oak Leasing,The European equipment Leasing specialists