Unbeatable European leasing coverage throughout Europe, not just parts!

European Equipment Finance in Helsinki, from Oak Leasing
Posted on January 01, 2023

There are many leasing companies who state that they are able to fund in Europe, what they often omit to say is that perhaps it is only, say Germany, France and The Netherlands, or perhaps the DACH region plus France. Some might even add in Spain or even Portugal!

Where you are selling your equipment throughout Europe, you require a leasing funder to cover Europe, not just parts of Europe. Restricting funding to a few countries is restricting your sales in all of the others.

Let that happen to your competitors, but not you!

In 2022, Oak arranged funding for over 52 companies in Finland, 36 companies in Poland, and simply hundreds in Germany, France and The Netherlands. As you would expect, that is not all, Oak funded companies in Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland,  Italy, Norway, Slovenia, and even a brand new start-up business for over €200k in Spain.

Economic headwinds in 2023 will be strong, anything that will help you sell, or grow your business is crucial.

With inflation here to stay for 2023, it makes perfect sense you use leasing to its maximum benefit you your business, as leasing is a fixed-price contract, making inflation work to in your favour!

In a nutshell, Oak will give you the confidence to either offering a lease solution to all of your European customers, or help individual customers find the finance to help them grow their businesses, wherever they are based.

Let’s together make 2023 a great year!