Lidar Equipment

Renewables Finance Specialists, Oak Leasing
Posted on August 08, 2020

When we were all younger, if you mention wind power, there would be undoubted laughter!  However, now,  wind power is part of the crucial and growing infrastructure of the UK’s future power, and it is far from a laughing matter.

This state of the art surveying equipment uses lasers to acquire very accurate information, but this was not for buildings, roads,  or maps, but for mapping wind speed in the atmosphere. This specialist scientific equipment is one of  only a handful in the UK.

We were contacted by a very large and well known German company, who had a smaller a UK subsidiary company who wish to acquire this lidar equipment.

This highly specialised equipement, which would be left in the open in suitable locations in the whole of the UK.

With the correct documentation, which included company cross border guarantees in place, both in the UK and Germany, the equipment was delivered on time, and is being used extensively across the UK.

The customer stated ‘Oak Leasing provided us with an efficient and helpful service getting us the right leasing solution at great value. They supported us throughout the process, including helping us sort out the parent company guarantee. I would definitely recommend Oak Leasing.’