Equipment  Refinance and Business Equipment Refinance

Equipment refinance, business equipment refinance and leasing refinance  is a growing and crucial part of any companies financial plans in the current turbulent market.

We know that every business is different, have different needs, different timescales, different equipment, but all require our experience and specialist Different customers, different needs, Oak Leasing, the equipment refinance specialistsknowledge.

Putting it simply, equipment refinance or sale and leaseback enables companies to free up capital that they have tied up in either movable or fixed assets for either strengthening their balance sheet, restructuring their business, or helping with cash flow. 

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  Equipment Refiance, Oak Leasing, the equipment refinance specialists

Business Equipment Refinance.

  • Restructure of equipment refinance, 
  • Business equipment refinance,
  • Refinance leasing
  • Refinance  HP deals
  • Sale & lease back,
  • Loan consolidation.

Let us complete your financial jigsaw.

Businesses Financed

  • New Starts

  • Highly geared businesses (including rental businesses)

  • Businesses in CVA

  • Insolvent Businesses

  • Companies with Adverse or Trading Losses

  • Directors in an IVA, Arrangement or with Adverse

  • Businesses located across the UK


Refinance Features

  • Up to 100% LTV

  • Lends of £ 25,000 - £ 250,000

  • On a Term of 3 months to 5 years

  • Funding available on unencumbered and financed assets (subject to settlement of existing finance agreements)

  • Lends secured on a range of industrial assets of any ages

Available on Hire Purchase or Finance Lease


Funds can be used for any purpose

  • To recover for a bad debt

  • Reduce a bank overdraft

  • To acquire assets from a supplier or administrator

  • Restructure existing finance agreements (potentially reducing monthly repayments)

  • Fund the exit of a shareholder or to buy another business

  • Finance the settlement of a balloon

  • Reduce monthly commitments

  • Pay a pending tax liability

  • Purchase soft assets, stock or consumables

The immediate benefits of equipment refinance are:-

  • The injection of new funds to assist short - medium term cash flow.
  • The funding of Phoenix companies or Pre-Packs.
  • Enables you to retain ownership of your business.
  • Reduced monthly repayments.
  • Ability in assisting in company restructuring.
  • MBO or MBI  fund raising


Oak has completed a sale and HP back for an engineering firm, who have released over £250K to re invest in their business.  This is typical of the type of deals that we can structure, just think what we can do for you !  We all know that banks are being as restrictive at the present, refinance is a viable option to most companies.

This is achieved by releasing the cash locked in and secured on your fixed assets. The extra cash that is released from these assets, can help you to repay or reduce  your bank overdrafts and cut your monthly payments on your existing hire purchase or lease agreements, and help your immediate cash flow.

Unlock your money which is tied in to your existing equipment. Oak's asset refinance plan can release Unlock your tied in capital with Oak's equipment leasingrefinance planmoney that is tied up in your existing equipment.

We can even settle existing finance or HP agreements. With funding from banks remaining tight, we can arrange refinance for you now, to cover expansion, a Plan B when existing funder's or banks let you down at the last moment, sales opportunities, or to simply to help cash-flow over a difficult period.

At Oak Leasing we are aware that  sometimes Plan A fails, either your bank gets cold feet or simply says no,and the finance company that you thought that you knew, says, cannot help in this instance, that is when you need a Plan B, and that is Oak Leasing, the sale & leaseback specialistswhere Oak will give you a Plan B that will help you succeed.

We know that no two deals are alike, and crucially, we are fully aware of the present current financial situation,and so will tailor-make your business equipment refinance  or sale and leaseback transaction that is best for you.

That could include leverage and management buyouts, company restructuring , and the rescheduling  of debts. Even if you have purchased your equipment through the internet, as long as the purchase was under 6 months ago, we can even arrange a sale and lease back on these transactions.

Oak Leasing are real people in the real world, and are here to assist you in whatever that you require in equipment refinance.

Refinance can prove to be fast method of raising cash in an emergency or to seize an  business opportunity.

Equipment refinance has many other names, including turnaround finance, and sale and leaseback.  The true value of the equipment that you wish to asset refinance or sale and leaseback is not in owning them, but using them to generate profit for your company, and we will even settle off outstanding finance to release the equity in the equipment.

To sum up, we are very flexible and we will arrange Sale & HP Back, Sale & Leaseback and Chattels Mortgages. Whatever the situation you find yourself in, just give us a call, we can help.

business equipment finance, Oak Leasing

Typical Equipment Refinance assets include:-  

  • Printing Equipment                        

  • Construction Equipment

  • Yellow Goods

  • Production Lines

  • Machine Tools

  • Vehicles

  • Trailers

  • Coaches

There is no definitive list, these are just a guide.

If you are looking for a straight talking equipment refinance company, talk to Oak, real people in the real world.

Please note that equipment refinance is only available for Limited Companies.

Oak Leasing spills the beans, for some of the best equipment leasing rates, Oak LeasingOak spills the beans Use our calculator and start saving money.

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We can make things happen!


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"Really impressed with the service, you have been excellent, would not hesitate to refer you to other businesses. I am going to be opening another centre within the next 6 months and will definitely contact you"
Steve Ives, owner of Play Sport.

"Most of the equipment finance and equipment leasing companies will fund only the established businesses. But Oak Leasing help even the start ups since they understand the difficulties that the start ups and business face."

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