In these challenging times, every company needs a helping hand. No matter what size company you are, we are all in the same boat, cash is very tight, but essential items have to be bought to either open or move forward.

We have gathered up the most requested pages all in one equipment leasing tool box for you.  Everything will be ” jargon free”  and straight forward just like Oak!

You have everything from asset refinance to our leading, often copied  rarely bettered, equipment leasing calculator.

Oak Leasing, square pegs in round holes, the equipment leasing specialists in 27 countries

We think a picture paints a far better picture than a thousand words!

 We are very good at getting square pegs into round holes! Just what is required in times like these

If you look in the tool box, there is variety of useful items that will help you.

You could start to see if your can save money by using our leasing calculator.

By entering the amount in our leasing calculator, you can Oak Leasing, for the lowest leasing ratescheck to see if what you have been quoted is close to our

If our’s is lower, then at least you have a choice.  To save money or not, that’s not a bad start!

Just gives you added peace of mind.


Many companies are often unaware that they could refinance many of their existing assets, including some with Equipment refinance specialists Oak leasing, release capital tied up in your assets.outstanding HP or leasing already on them.

By using this option, it  frees up and creates extra cash into your  business to help through these difficult times.

It also helps as it is a new credit line, keeping all of your existing banking and other credit lines free.  So doubly useful

What are the benefits of Equipment Leasing? Oak Leasing What are the benefits of leasing is a question we have been asked  many times over the last 28 years.  The reasons can be varied, easy of ownership, spreading the cost of the working life of the equipment, avoids the bank manager!

If you asked everyone to pick who has been the best England striker in the last 40 – 50 years, you would have the same replies, Hurst, Greaves, Shearer, Lineker, Rooney, Kane.  That is exactly the same with equipment leasing, everyone has a differing reason.

Here to help, here is our ” Janet & John” benefits of equipment leasing.

Finally, if you require equipment leasing in Europe for either yourselves or your customers, Oak can assist you in 27 European Finance Specialists, Oak LeasingEuropean countries.

With over 28 years European equipment leasing behind us, and you require the ball putting in the back of the net, you know who to give a call!

Last and by no means least, please get in touch with us, we have over 30 years equipment leasing experience waiting to help you.

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