Major funding to Swedish Aerospace Company

European equipment leasing specialists with over 29 years experience, Oak Leasing
Posted on April 04, 2021

When one of our major US equipment partners, who specialise in very high end tech aerospace equipment contacted Oak concerning a potential customer based in Gothenburg, we knew that from the outset, the clock was ticking, and quite loudly!!

With superb assistance from one of our major European funding partners, everything was turned around in under seven days, and that includes signing and completion of the documents. Our long term relationship with the funder enabled us to arrange with the local office and manager for them to complete the signing of the documentation in record time. Both the customer and the supplier were extremely pleased.

Oak’s main advantage is that, quite simply, no one can come close to what we can offer, local offices with our funders throughout Europe, local assistance and signing of documentation, local currency, and all in the appropriate language of the customer. A totally unbeatable combination.

Can your present funder in Europe cover over twenty seven countries with just one point of contact?

If not, we would be pleased to have you on board!