Oak Leasing, The European Finance Specialists
Posted on February 02, 2019

We received an enquiry from the website from a company saying that they were relocating their production facility  from the UK to Slovakia. The uncertainty over Brexit had made them move to be able to keep access their customers, and also their growing target market without any hindrance, and could not afford any period of uncertainty.

The company was purchasing new equipment, and also moving existing equipment and locating this into their new manufacturing company in Slovakia. As a leading global player in their selected field, their customers would still demand exacting production schedules, for the launch of their own products.

The time frame was extremely tight for the customer, who had to commence production from their new facility with the minimum production down time. Oak had to overcome many hurdles in this transaction, including cross border finance, documentation in appropriate languages, deposits and installation and travel costs, as well as the time constraints, there was no time for sitting on hands!

This is where Oak’s European experience was of huge help to the customer. The production line was arranged, delivered and funded within a seven week period. And best of all production commenced right on time!

The customer was delighted, and most importantly their own customers were happy. If you are considering any relocation to Europe for either offices or production facilities, start a conversation with us, you never know where it will lead!