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Posted on August 08, 2019

Frank Sinatra once sang ” Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away”. But without  aviation fuel, his plane would  have never taken off !  Luckily for the rest of us, Fluid Transfer are one of Europe’s largest aviation fuel handlers, and better still, they use Oak.

As one of the leading  European airport equipment finance  and GSE companies , we meet  many of our suppliers and GSE companies at the Munich InterAirport show.

One of these suppliers, Fluid Transfer Ltd,  stated that they  had an enquiry regarding aviation fuel tankers for a large  UK airport,  that was enquiring about three new 45,000 litre aviation fuel tankers. These are highly specialised vehicles, and these would have to be built totally from a bare chassis upwards.

Firstly, we had to meet with the manufacturer to confirm the specification. Then, in partnership with one of our major European funders, who specialises in aviation equipment, we visited the customer on site, went through the credit process, and offered  the airport an operating lease over the time frame that suited the airport.

Working now closely with the manufacturer, the customer,  and the funder, we together agreed a  mutual payment schedule ,  the progress payments required clear documentation to arrange for the “trigger points for payments”, to suit the both the customer and the  manufacturer. As the amount was very considerable, Oak arranged for four stage payments to the supplier to fund the build process.

This would be spread over a ten month build period, so everybody had to be accommodated, and it had to work for everyone. The skill, and attention ” bare bones” chassis, they were slowly built up over the next ten months. The payments for each trigger point were achieved on time.

 Airport Equipment Leasing specialists Oak LeasingNeedless to say that the equipment was delivered, on time and on budget,  and when you fly out from an airport, you could well be seeing our tankers!!

Dan Martin, Sales Director of Fluid Transfer International Ltd stated, “With such an informed, smooth, team-spirited and swift service, Oak Lease is now our preferred partner for leasing solutions for our customers both in the UK and Europe, and we very much look forward to working on future projects together.”