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Medical Equipment leasing and Healthcare Equipment leasing, has been one of the main areas of business that Oak Leasing has supported for over 24 years. Over these years medical advances have accelerated greatly, with a greater demand for cutting edge scientific research  medical equipment.IME Technologies chose Oak Leasing for European medical leasing

This medical and scientific equipment that we have leased, has been placed into hospitals, both private and NHS, research companies and universities, and medical laboratories throughout the UK and Europe.

Just this month, IME Technologies, the leading electrospinning bio medical company based in Eindhoven, chose Oak as it's european medical leasing partner.

In this present financial climate that we all find ourselves in, with budgets under intense pressure and scrutiny, it was no surprise that one of the largest private hospital groups in the UK chose Oak Leasing to fund crucial medical equipment.

The ability to  find a funder who has both the experience and knowledge to fund both medical equipment and healthcare & scientific research equipment both in the UK and throughout Europe could prove a valuable resource to yourselves.

As one of the leading medical and healthcare  equipment leasing companies in Europe, as confirmed by a recent survey published by Business Wire, this will prove to be of great value to you, as our European Medical and Scientific Equipment Leasing specialists, Oak Leasingexperience and knowledge of medical equipment and scientific equipment, both in the UK as well as Europe will assist you in arranging a leasing or finance solution the equipment that you require.

We have to expanded further into Europe and to increase our relationships with many more healthcare companies throughout Europe. , Biospace Lab, a leading French company, chose Oak Leasing to be its european medical & scientific leasing partner. The partnership has already proved successful, and has completed a large equipment lease deal for a German scientific  firm.

The main benefit of medical  & healthcare equipment leasing is that it can provide you the ability to maintain modern medical equipment for the best patient care. Having up to date and efficient  medical healthcare equipment is vital for any hospital, surgery or medical establishment. As medical  and scientific equipment develops, by using our medical healthcare leasing programme, you have the ability to upgrade your equipment at any time, and so you are not left with obsolete medical equipment.

Europäische medizinische Spezialisten, Leasing Leasing-Eiche
The equipment pharmacists and chemists have leased over the last 18 years have varied from PMR systems, partial and complete shopfitting, security and alarm equipment, medical equipment, and photographic and developer equipment. In this difficult financial period that we are all going through, Oak is  very active in supporting and arranging leasing in all fields of  the medical and healthcare  including  the dental and veterinary equipment sectors.

With our knowledge of the pharmacy, medical and dental  market, we can turn a lease proposal around very quickly  whatever the equipment that you require.

Outside of the pharmacy sector, we have arranged medical equipment and surgical and scientific equipment leasing for GP's surgeries, and dental equipment from dentist chairs to a fully equiped surgery.  Oak Leasing has arranged medical and healthcare & scientific equipment leasing for both NHS hospitals , NHS Trusts, and also to Universities and other academic institutions. The equipment has been varied, from operating theatre equipment, to the more mundane equipment like beds,laundry equipment, medical equipment for clean rooms, and even the entire clean room itself.  

With the ability to fund medical & healthcare equipment both in the UK as well as throughout Europe makes Oak Leasing stand out as the leading medical, scientific and healthcare equipment leasing company.

Whatever  medical equipment or scientific equipment, or healthcare equipment that you either need or as a vendor, sell to companies, Oak Leasing has the experience and specialist knowledge that you require.


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Latest US report of European Medical Equipment

Leasing Companies,confirms Oak Leasing again

as a leading European Medical Leasing Company.

Latest report confirm Oak Leasing as one of the leading European Medical Equipment Leasing Companies

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Our experience with Oak Leasing has been fantastic.

The service has been excellent and the people have been helpful, friendly, and prompt. Being based in the United States requires all our business to be conducted over the phone.

We are glad to have Oak Leasing as our partner in the UK that provides us the support and resources that we need.

I would strongly recommend Oak to any business looking for a leasing partner. We look forward to continuing to work with them  long into the future.

Bobby Syed,  Bullex Digital Safety Inc.  New York