Due to unprecedented demand, Oak has opened a separate middle ticket leasing desk.

Europe-Supplier Focus Revenue Resilience



Oak has over the last thirty years, supported and arranged funding for a huge variety of  growth companies, established businesses throughout Europe

Middle Ticket European equipment leasing specialists, Oak LeasingOver the last twelve months, we have received an increasing number of middle ticket leasing enquiries from across both the UK & Europe for deal sizes between £250k to £15mk.

We provided them with concise and transparent funding options throughout the UK and Europe by utilising our 30 years of knowledge and experience.

Opportunities that had been closed or set aside by either circumstances or reduced funding lines have been reactivated.

Most middle ticket leasing requests have one thing in common, due to the nature of either the equipment or location, they are individually negotiated contracts, nothing “off the peg” here, just a “bespoke tailormade” contract to best suit you, the customer, your location and your chosen equipment.

These varied from new production or manufacturing lines for new orders, to large items of highly specialised equipment.  These have been equipment in the North Sea, Football pitches for professional clubs,  large printing equipment in Austria, medical development equipment in both Germany and France, Food production lines in Portugal, the list goes on and on.

In the last six months, we have provided funding for over seventy companies in Europe and funded millions in the UK.

Why the growth of middle ticket leasing?


We know that demand has always been present, however, due to Covid, expenditure was postponed. The saying, you cannot stand still, you are either going forward or backward applies very much today. Companies now are fully aware that they must move forward, with expansion, and simply put, that expansion requires funding.

Oak offers the opportunity of a new funding source or sources, depending on the structure of your requirement. Often with larger projects, installation costs can be higher than anticipated, with our funders, you have the option of rolling these into the cost, making it very much a “turnkey” operation.

As events have shown us very recently, costs are rising, from fuel to minerals, grain to transport costs. An example of this is when a supplier of a large project we are funding in Germany quoted our customer the price of steel, they could only guarantee the price for four days! Price uncertainty will be a major headache over the coming months. So much so that it is being “hard-wired” into future budget costs.

Bearing this in mind, inflation will prove to be a consideration for some time across Europe. However, as a lease is a fixed price contract throughout Video call Oakleaseits term, it will provide your CFO with considerable peace of mind.

We can structure both leasing and finance deals for equipment, in over 28 countries, and the ability to offer other services in these turbulent times, from larger ticket asset finance, to funding for financial institutions wishing to either expand, replace or dilute existing sources.

We are very approachable, not men in grey suits, we have weathered four recessions, plus a pandemic in the last 30 years.

If you are looking for a jargon-free, discreet, straight taking company, please contact us by email or video for an informal discussion.