Airport Equipment Leasing and Airport Equipment Finance

Airport equipment leasing and airport equipment finance are crucial to any growth for an ambitious airport. With airport equipment costs rising, it is vital to acquire the latest efficient equipment, without a drain on capital expenditure. Cost per "pushback" is the critical figure for any GSE provider and airport authourity.

Oak has been involved in European airport equipment leasing for many years, from ground handing equipment, European airport equipment leasing specialists, Oak Leasingbaggage handling systems, through to de- icing equipment for planes, and runway cleaning equipment.

The ability to arrange airport equipment leasing and finance throughout most of Europe has proved to be a valuable asset to many airport and GSE suppliers, who have set up a pan European leasing solutions through Oak for their airport  terminal european customers.

Our airport equipment leasing and finance solutions make it very simply for GSE suppliers to equate  "cost per push back". This enables accurate tendering for contracts with both airports and airlines.In some European countries, we have the facilities to offer an operating lease,which enable your customer a perfect off balance sheet solution.

Airport Equipment Finance.

Many of the leading GSE suppliers use Oak Leasing for their airport equipment leasing, including AmAirport equipment Leasing specialists, Oak Leasingdac Carmichael, one of the worlds leading airport fire tender and emergency specialist vehicle manufacturers. With many airports using leasing to help them spread their payments over a longer period,.

Amdac Carmichael have found leasing very useful for overcoming perhaps the lack of Capex expenditure in airport budgets. A leasing solution helps to have your equipment delivered today, and not tomorrow.

Oak has also been financing de icing equipment for aircraft, both in the UK as well as in European airports, and ground handling equipment which included both aircraft tugs and generators and aviation fuel tankers.  We are able to lease all ground support Fluid Transfer Airport Fuel tankers choose Oak Leasingequipment, from passenger bridges to apron equipment,  providing leasing solutions for busy airports with high operational  turnaround pressure.

Oak has also been chosen by a one of the leading GSE companies based in the UK, 247gt Ltd. They specialise in GSE equipment both in Europe as well as the UK. They offer our innovative airport equipment leasing and finance option, which will enable their customers to spread the cost over three or five years, helping to reduce the initial “cost per push back” and make a “cost effective aircraft turnaround” .

With equipment varying from tugs to de icers, they will offer an airport finance solution to both underwing and over wing GSE equipment.247gt and Oak Leasing, providing today's GSE equipment finance solutions

As with all airport runway machinery, equipment leasing or equipment finance is normally the route that airports choose to use to acquire the use of crucial equipment, be it fire tenders, tugs, or general GSE equipment.

As growth returns to the aviation sector, after a period of perhaps standing still, the requirement for airports to expand and renew both passenger and cargo terminals is growing. With many European banks slow in offering their support for such enquiries, Oak  Leasing is pleased to help fill the funding gap this has left behind.

The option of standing still is not now an option, standing still in reality is slowly going backwards. It is crucial to keep investing in new equipment and services,  to attGerman Page for Airport Equipment Leasingract both the airlines, with speed of turn- around, which increases airport revenue, and to increases passenger growth.

The pressure on airport infrastructure and GSE equipment will grow, as airtraffic is set to double in the next 20 years.The greater the footfall, the greater the profit generated.The two approaches that airports are looking to are the Dual till and single till business models. Both require large capital investment, with one providing perhaps  better return on investment and capex.

To this end, we have provided some airports with finance for their new LED lighting in new terminals. Whichever model the airports are considering, both will require airport equipment leasing and finance.

European airport equipment finance specialists, Oak Leasing

Together with a modern terminal, this will increase capacity, operating efficiency, and environmental sustainability with new efficient equipment. 

If you wish to discuss any funding projects that you or your customers might have, please feel free to send an email here.

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The service has been excellent and the people have been helpful, friendly, and prompt. Being based in the United States requires all our business to be conducted over the phone.

We are glad to have Oak Leasing as our partner in the UK that provides us the support and resources that we need.

I would strongly recommend Oak to any business looking for a leasing partner. We look forward to continuing to work with them  long into the future.

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