A country in Europe beginning with the letter G

A country in Europe beginning with the letter G
Posted on September 09, 2011 |

Way back in June, I stated that it was purely a matter of time when Greece would leave the Euro, not if she would leave the Euro. Everyone’s attention is firmly on Greece, and her financial woes. Greece is history now ( no pun intended) the country we should look at is Germany, for only she has the financial clout to save Greece & the Euro .

And there lies the underlying problem,  Chancellor Merkel is being slowly edged towards the “Eurobonds ” solution, and saying that Greece will come out from this mess, whilst her coalition partner, Philipp Rösler, the vice chancellor and FDP leader, said it should no longer be a “taboo” to talk about a Greek insolvency.

The conservative newpaper Die Welt said yesterday “It’s a question of attitude, and whether to reassert such noble principles as avoiding debt, taking responsibility for mistakes, and protecting public funds — principles which every state institution and every responsible politician must honor.” And with the CDU having poor showing at the recent elections,Chancellor Merkel is now between a rock and a hard place.

So with German opinion turning firmly against  Germany bailing out Europe, the saga continues, and the markets look on. Even yesterdays action from the main Central Banks will in my view, only delay the inevitable.

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