Elephant in the room

Elephant in the room
Posted on September 09, 2011 |

Talk is cheap they say, but the talk that the EU leaders are currently engaging in, is very expensive. There is a huge elephant in the room , and they are ignoring it ! They could have sorted out the whole crisis months ago with decisive action, but they simple dithered.  Germany & France really hold the major purse strings, Germany domestically cannot proceed with what is needed, which is a “euro bond”. With an election due next year in Germany, the “eurobond” will be the decisive factor, and Chancellor Merkel knows this only too well.


So the real decisive factor is not down to the EU, but Germany’s domestic election.The next question is, will the Euro wait for the decision from Germany. My own view is that the pressure on the Euro will simply mount until something has to be done.


Whilst this is going on, the UK, is not flying, but still has its head above water, and as yesterdays figures about German growth show, we are not doing as bad in the real world as some people thought.


The next few weeks will prove quite exciting for the Euro-zone, but if the UK continues on its slow but steady growth, we will be OK.  There is a great deal of talk concerning Bank Lending being restricted,  remember, Oak has the capacity to help in all of your acquisitions, we can even arrange sale and lease back if you wish.


Something Oak has not got, that is an elephant!