European Leasing is a departmental store, discuss!

European Leasing is a departmental store, discuss!
Posted on September 09, 2012 |

After spending most of last and this week in different parts of Europe, I have come to the conclusion that the world of European equipment leasing is no different from a large departmental store. Be it Galerie Lafayette, in France, Galeria Kaufhof in Germany, House of Fraser in the UK, of even Ahlens in Sweden.

That may sound slightly strange, but please just hear me out. There are numerous suppliers and manufacturers who are seeking leasing for their equipment from IT equipment, office equipment, renewables, medical, up to shipping.

There is not one funder  in Europe who either wishes to have all these types of assets, or their rating structure for these deals are simply not suitable. This is where we can offer a bespoke European equipment leasing programme.

If you take say medical equipment, some Funders will only, or can only, accept business in their particular country. Not of any use to a large European medical supplier who will have to search out a different funder in every country. The same applies to most other equipment. This is not only very much sales prevention, but is not at all cost effective for any company.

The different floors to a store can relate to the different countries, the varied departments and in store franchises relate to the different Funders in that country.In  that context, it is quite a maze!

The easy way is to simply think of Oak as your personal shopper, we take care of you and guide you throughout the store, or in this case Europe. Is is vital not to think that selling your equipment in various countries can be a problem. With us at your side, we will turn this into a growth opportunity, and crucially a profitable area.

We use our European equipment leasing expertise for different suppliers and manufacture’s every day of the week.  We match your equipment to Funders and country. It is simple, but all the best things are surely?

This weekend could also prove very interesting for  Club Med countries.  With both Spain and Greece to the fore, it will prove a very interesting week. I will write on this in greater depth next week.

So, if you need help in the European equipment leasing market, you know who to call.