Funding For Lending, 20 years experience

Funding For Lending, 20 years experience
Posted on June 06, 2012 |

Last night , the Governor of the Bank of England, and the Chancellor launched a new scheme to assist banks to lend to SME’s. This will apparently cure most of the ills and ailments in the economy!

This “funding for lending” scheme is set to go live in a few weeks time. and will help stimulate the banks into lending more to business. We have all heard stories from our customers saying ” I have been with the bank for over 15 years, and when I asked for a loan, they simply said no, or it took them weeks and weeks to come up with the answer, but then they asked for so much security, I had no option , but to say no”

Remember, leasing is a new credit line, it is unlike an overdraft in one very important way, once the lease is running, it cannot be called in, unlike an overdraft, that is often on either 28 days call or at the discretion of the bank manager.

Oak Leasing has been been offering “funding for lending” for over 20 years. That is proven consistancy. Whatever  the equipment, be it a new start business, equipment refinance, or just the aquisition of new equipment. You know where to come, Oak Leasing, funding for over 20 years!