May, the crucial Month for EU

May, the crucial Month for EU
Posted on May 05, 2012 |

As we start the month of May, it could prove to be the most crucial month in the Euro’s life. We have the Greek elections, the French elections, the Irish referendum, and the Spanish will have to sort out their banking systems.

If the French vote for Hollande, there will be mounting pressure on Angela Merkel to move from austerity to growth. That seems quite an easy move, however, Germany knows that almost all of the risks of this move will some day land at their door.

If the Greek vote is against the austerity measures of the EU, then , the effects of that will cause them to default from the Euro, which will have vast reprocussions with the European Banking systems. If that happens, if you think credit is tight now, watch this space!

Alll we can do is simply watch from the sidelines and hope that things will sort themselves out. All I would say is if you are selling into Europe, or thinking of selling into Europe, Oak has very good funding links with various  banks and funders, who still have an appetite to lend, and will continue to for the future.  In fact in the last month, we have been approached by more manufacturers and major suppliers than ever before. And our european leasing funding capacity has increased over the last six months.

All I can say is , I look forward to speaking to you, and roll on June.