Now for some common sense

Now for some common sense
Posted on December 12, 2008 |

The media is discovering that credit crunch news is making people either change channels on the TV or turn off the news. Saturation point has been reached, but they still try to ram it down our throats.


By simply going over the news with slight variations does not mean that it is news. We are all aware of what has occured, and who is to blame. End of story. Move on.


We cannot dwell on what has happened, we have to look to the future. Doom and gloom is no good for any business. If we think that the end is nigh, it surely is, but I think it is high time to be positive and seize the opportunities that are out there.


Historically the strong would overcome the weak, but this time it will be different. Companies who seize the growing opportunities will succeed. It is the quick that will overcome the slow.


We all know that the banks have tightened up their lending policies.We all know that they are reducing overdraft limits, and this is hitting SME’s and medium business’s very hard and they try to survive. By using leasing, it overcomes using valuable working capital or part of an overdraft to acquire needed capital equipment. Remember standing still is just an illusion, you are going backwards. For any equipment suppliers, you have to use leasing to help sell your equipment and also help your customers survive. Use and promote leasing on your website, it is not an option, it is a necessity.


Getting down to brass tacks, many leasing companies have closed off their leasing books, and have either stopped offering leasing, or have changed their underwriting criteria beyond recognition.


We have the money, you have the customers, lets talk, and get some leasing proposals underwritten and paid out. The quick will survive, the slow will not, perhaps that is what will eventually come of this period on uncertainty.


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