Times are a changing

Times are a changing
Posted on June 06, 2008 |

When Bob Dylan wrote that song over 40 years ago, it was aimed at the changing sixties, however it is very apt for the challanging times that we face at the present.


A few months ago, credit crunch could have been a new breakfast cereal for bankers in the city, now it is on the lips of everyone. Its effects have also hit everybody in the UK in some form or another.


Even though the US have been suffering from the effects of the credit crunch for longer than us, with banks and customers alike having horrendous problems, one very interesting fact has emerged. With the US ecomony in a recession, the amount of spending in stores and capital purchases like cars etc very low, one area has grown by 23.9% in the last quarter. The key fact is that this growth has not come from a low base. Internet and web based purchases have risen by this amount. People are now not just surf the web, but are actively chasing the best deals that they can, to make their money go further.


In the UK, we have started with some travel and insurance supermarket sites, but still have a long way to go. In a weeks time, we are launching oakleasedirect. This is in response to being asked by both suppliers and customers alike, for the best leasing deals in the market. This includes new starts and every kind of equipment. You simply type in either the rate you have been quoted, or the rental, and we will do the rest to give you a lower quote, and save you and your company money.


As the song said, times are a changing, and unless companies change and look to ways to save money, they will struggle to survive the coming months.