European Finance Specialists, Oak Leasing
Posted on August 08, 2019

As we all know, Austria is a county of alpine mountains and meadows, we all know the “Sound of Music” was based and filmed there, but there are other facts that might have escaped our notice. The first postcards were made in Austria, Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of the German sports car  firm was Austrian, and the first  sewing machines were invented in Austria.

However, Austria is not all snow, skiing, and schnapps!

Oak has as a long standing supplier, who are based in the USA. They sell highly specialised scientific equipment to global companies, and they have used Oak to assist them for their European finance for over six years.

One of Austria’s largest manufacturers approached our supplier and requested a finance option for their new, and very expensive equipment, that would be purpose built in the USA, and then imported over into Austria.

This involved, covering the importation side of the paperwork, and well as the actual finance documentation. Needless to say everything was completed on time with the valuable assistance of our main European funding partner. With their local support, and local offices, everything from documentation to payment  to the supplier was very smooth.

No one in Europe can match what Oak and its European  funding partners can achieve, no ifs, no buts!